Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last Minute Sammie Sunday and our "New" addition to the Chaos

Here are a few more videos of Sammie...checking out Spencer's new bike.

I was feeling much better, so we headed out on Saturday to The Bike Kitchen in San Francisco, paid $30 for "digging rights" and got lucky. Spencer found a frame the right size for him (finally!) and we built up a bike - we were there from opening til closing. It's still missing a few important bits (pedals, a chain, and a brake - just one brakes as he's making a fixed gear bike), but we're going back soon to finish it off.

Here's a photo of The Bike Kitchen (new facilities)...

And Spencer, the proud "daddy", with his "new" "baby"...

Go check out The Bike Kitchen (we call it BK). They're a non-profit service type of place - run completely by volunteers and donations of bikes/bike parts and money. Lots of really nice people and they do a lot for the local community. If you check out the links in the second paragraph (titled We have moved to 650H Florida St), you can see how exactly they moved back on Feb 22nd. In the rain. Spence and I were there helping. If you pay attention really closely, you can recognize the two of us in a few of the photos. For "action" shots of riding thru San Francisco in the rain, I'm wearing a bright orange rain poncho, and Spencer is wearing a blue rain poncho. We had a blast and are happy to support The Bike Kitchen and all they do. For non-riding photos, Spencer has on black/red/white plaid shorts (yeah, I know) and I've got my bright coral riding jacket on...

Spencer has tomorrow off, and as I'm feeling even better every day, if it's not raining, we're going off for a short ride. I can't wait...I have missed being out on my Sgt Puff and am really pretty much pissed that I missed out on the awesome riding weather we had last week!

I will post about projects and the recipe I promised...this week! Promise!


  1. You really expected her to be more interested in the new bike than dinner??

    And I still say there should be a law against those shorts Spencer was wearing...

    x x x

  2. bike bike bike bike bike!!!
    Yay! finally :-)

  3. Hold on one second!
    Who's deep voice was that in the first video? That can't be the little Spencer! I just don't understand this growing up thing.

    Everytime you write about your bike adventures it reminds me I have a perfectly good bike that just needs a tune-up and a set of tubes and I can rediscover the trails we have around these parts. I haven't road that bike in over 5 years. Just sad.

  4. Yes Cherry, that was Spencer!!!! He's got a mustache now too - we call it the manstache - and it has magical manly powers...hahahahaha