Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sammie Sunday...minus the Sammie

...since HRH Sammie is buried under the covers keeping warm, and I've already shown you a picture of a motionless lump under the duvet...

I decided to show this video of Spencer on his "new" bike...minus the peddles and the chain...hence the "Fred Flintstone imitation comment"...

The bike, by the way, was finished yesterday. It's currently a single speed and not a fixed gear like he wanted. He has to get the correct rear wheel, blah blah blah yada yada yada bikebikebike. I don't really speak bike yet, so....whatever.

Anyway, we went to the "Grand Opening Party" for the Bike Kitchen this afternoon - and spotted a small orange frame that just might work for a bicycle for me! We are off to BK next Saturday and hope it's the right size. I'm looking to build a light weight bike for distance riding. Sgt Puff will still be around for local riding and shopping and errand running, but she's not good for distance - she's too heavy for that - she's good for short distances and carrying lots of stuff. And she does it very well!

More photos of his new bike, and maybe my newest addition later...and yes, I know...I still owe you guys a recipe.

I'm exhausted...time for bed! Should have been snoozing hours ago...

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