Monday, April 13, 2009

It's the 500th post...whoopty doo....

OK, so it's not as inspired and creative and all hoopla-y like I wanted it to with it.

I've been fighting a losing battle with allergies and finally went to the doc today. Came home with some really gung-ho meds. Nothing like some booyah drugs to take care of bidness! Looks like I'll be on the allergy meds full time during the 'season' again. That's what I get for wanting to get out and bike while it's snowing pollen. I've got some nerve, don't I?

Really sounds like I'm on something besides allergy meds doesn't it...what DO they put in those nose sprays now-a-days?!?

Seriously tho, I'm just so excited cos after one spray up my snozzle, I'm ready to go. I've got lots to do, so the whole world better just step aside, I'm back...and I'm going to start knocking out some awesome stuff.

First off, Spence and I had this totally awesome Sammie Sunday planned out. Picture Kitty in an easter basket surrounded by fake grass and plastice eggs. Kinda like a "Watch out Cadbury Bunny, Princess Sammie is in da house/we're really not amused about this" thing.

As you can see from the lack of photos, that didn't happen. Total. Non-cooperation. Damn. Cat. Next...

My big plans for a really cool 500th post shot to hell once I figured out I needed a zillion photos to do it and lots more time than I had and more brain power than I could now it's going to be a series. I'm calling it "The Family Jewels Series". Not the crown jewels, altho that does give an idea for a Sammie Sunday photoshoot. And not those kinds of family jewels - you dirty minded people!!!

This series is going to highlight the artistic side of my family - as in every one is a jewel to be admired cos they are talented and I love them, etc. Which also will include Honey and his folks cos they are quite talented as well. And with everyone included, it will be a lovely, long and hopefully extremely interesting series. Stay tuned. Not only do I have to gather photographic evidence, but it all has to be organized and of course I've got to pull all these ideas out of my head, but make sure nothing else leaks out.

Good heavens this is getting long. Next...

Been doing a lot of reading...can't do much else, so have been knocking back the Terry Pratchett Discworld Series... came to a halt with that one tho, as I still need to get some missing books, so have moved over to Angels and Demons for something different. Love me a good mystery, murder every so often. Next...

Working on some costumes for Spencer's school. The drama class is putting on "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead". I'm making 5 pieces and one Queen's dress. Cue panic. I've lost a lot of time with this cos of all the stomach flu and allergy and sinus headaches bordering on mini-migranes (oh the PAIN!!!). But that's all over now and I'm back in business. Time to start crankin'!!!

AHA!!! I've remembered why I'm such a spaz right now. I'm caffeinated. Forgot to tell the girl to give me decaf when I got a coffee while I was waiting for my prescription. NEXT....

Still trying to get some cool projects out of my head and off the "to-do" list and on to some needles. Shhh...they are secret. So I'm hoping the 'Jewels' series of posts will keep your minds off what I'm doing. heh heh heh. Next!

Working on another project called "Stitches on the Bridge". I'm hoping to make a small panel with the Golden Gate Bridge double knitted on it...thought that would be cool to make a bridge to go on the bridge. Have the yarn, have the swatch, need to grid out the design. Thought it would be cool to get in on some "sanctioned" guerilla knitting - after, all the panels get auctioned for charity. So I'm knitting for good and not evil. Next!!

Am so far behind on my SF sock club socks. Don't really care, I AM working on them and they DO get knit on during sock club meetups and bus/train rides. Next...

Lastly - yay!!! she's about to shut up!!!! - got some "new" stuff to work on more things for my shop! OHHHH, and speaking of shop, check out the videos that were just posted up over at the Phat Fiber blog. D'Lnn Designs gets a shout out at timestamp 6:35 in the first video. Yay!!!!

I'm sure there is lots more I could post, but I think I'm starting to crash. GOOD GOD!!! When did it turn 8pm...I've been working on this damn 500th post for too long. Gah.


  1. Yay!! The meds have worked! Now you've got no excuse when I tell you to take Sgt Puff for a spin :-)

    And I better hadn't tell you whodunnit in Angels and Demons, you'd never forgive me; but it wasn't Leonardo da Vinci this time...

    Ooh, and don't forget to post the Cows' artistic stuff, cos they're talented too. Except for spelling, obviously :-)

    x x x

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM PDT

    Congrats on the 500th! That's a lot! Hope that allergy medicine keeps working!

  3. What are you on? I take flonase (nasal spray) AND alavert (generic actually, but like Claritin) AND opcon-A (eye drops), and it seems to handle the stupid allergies OK. Still not sure if I'd go out on my bike, or if I did, I'd take a shower right when I got home to get the allergins off of me.

    Congrats on your 500th post! Exciting. My mom loved the discworld series. :)

  4. J: I'm on Flonase and Claritan. That combo worked some years back, so we'll see how it works now. If it doesn't, might have to go to prescription pills. Altho Claritan *was* prescription the last time I had to take allergy meds. I seem to be inproving, but take the same precautions you do, if I go out on the bike, I shower as soon as I can-oh and the hair is as small as possible (yay braids!) so as not to trap too much of it there. Long and thick and loose is just asking for trouble!

  5. Anonymous3:17 PM PDT

    So where in the heck is post 501? :)

  6. I'm soooo behind (stupid work and pained hands)

    This allergy season totally BLOWS! literally! I'm glad to hear that the flonase is doing its thing for you.

    Can't wait to see the dress when its all done.