Friday, May 15, 2009

Sorry so boring around here lately...

I can't help it. Not only have I been extremely busy, but I've been sick off and on for a very long time (damn allergies) and for the past week I've been dealing with a pulled back muscle.

There are many days where I don't even want to get up. What's the point? The coughing, the sneezing, the pain. But yet I do, and I trudge thru the days and try to sleep thru the nights.

Whine whine whine...

The lastest...

My last day at the paying job is tomorrow (or should I say today, it is after midnight). I just checked my bank balance. The last deposits have been made. It's pretty much officially over except for shipping out the laptop. Sigh.

Work on the costumes continue. The dress is almost done. I have to do just a few more things to finish attaching the bodice to the skirt and then it's the hem and we're off to school sometime tomorrow. And that's it for costumes. Good thing too, the first performance is next Wednesday.

The Casa de Chaos is a total wreck. Even worse than before. The poor cat is covered in bits of fabric and thread. That's what she gets for sleeping under my sewing table in a pile of fabric bits and pieces. She's royal, she likes velvet, what can I say?

I've got lots of cleaning up to do. Looking forward to getting a few boxes worth of stuff out of the house and back to former paying job. Then it's time to dive into what's left. Not like I'm not going to have some time on my hands. Sigh.

Taking some time off. Maybe I'll see a movie. Maybe I'll just stay home with my butt and relax for once. The back needs rest. The brain needs rest. My sanity needs rest. Yes, doing nothing for a week or two sounds wonderful.

Next Friday begins KublaCon Weekend with the Boys. WooHOOOOOO!!!!

I hope to be out on Sgt. Puff again next week, so definitely need to get my back well. I haven't been able to do much and even spent Mother's Day flat on my back in bed and medicated. Lovely.

Also need to kick the job search into high gear, help out a friend at his new business (non-paying job), and start making some stuff for my online shop. I've been ignoring way too many important things around here - including myself.


It's late, I'm tired, my bed is heated up and ready. I know, it's hot out here, but it does feel good on my back and helps my muscles relax after a long day at the computer and sewing table.

Oh, and THANK GOD for massaging shower heads.

Oh, and Ibuprofen too.


  1. Don't forget ice too, hon. It doesn't sound as relaxing as heat, but damn, after 15 minutes of ice where it hurts, it sure feels better. Ask my neck and shoulders. :)

  2. I'll second the vote for ice. The heat feels better and more relaxing, but the ice can do some real good.

    Good luck in the job search. Enjoy a bit of time for you. It was weeks before I even felt like looking. I looked anyway, but I didn't feel like it. ;)