Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello...are you still there?

Just a quick Mom update. She's recovering nicely. My sister says that she is bossing her around, so she's definitely feeling much better than procedure day. hee hee. That's it for Mom updates as they are quite boring and there's not really much I can say. Thanks to everyone for all their thoughts and well wishes!

I've been keeping busy. Yes Virginia, you can be unemployed and still be busy.

I miss my jewelry class. Sign-ups are on now for the Fall class, but I'm not going to do it. It's an extended version of the one I just took and it's during the day again. I'm being optimistic and saying I'll be busy working soon, so can't be playing at jewelry class on Friday afternoons. :)

No knitting lately. I've tried, but I just can't do it. Not only am I lacking in knitting mojo, but my wrist has decided to bother again (a cyst from the past has returned with a vengeance), and so I've replaced knitting and crocheting with reading and jewelry making. Now that Mom's on the mend, I just might drag myself into the doc's and see what they can do for my wrist.

I've also joined's like having a job! It's really cool tho, you join, post books you'd like to trade and then, well, start trading. For every book you mail off to another member, you get a credit. The credits can then be used to "order" books from other members. It's all quite addicting. I just joined up this past Thursday and have already sent off 12 books...with 8 more waiting for the appropriate approvals. Go check it out. If you decide to join, please put me in as a referral my swap id is ladilynn. The site also has two sister sites, one for CDs and one for DVDs.

After all the mailing I've done, I'm finally getting a book sent to me. WooHoo!!!! Unfortunately, most of the books I REALLY want have waiting lists. Oh well...

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  1. Anonymous3:47 PM PDT

    Glad to hear she's doing better!