Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's guest bloggers are....

...Hi everyone, today we have guest bloggers...Cow and Honey...Ms Cow and I are recovering from our afternoon at the SF Bead & Design Show yesterday (no photos). Lots of ideas swirling round in our brains. I think my crafting Mojo is actually coming back. Yay!!!

Anyway, on to Cow and Honey...

Helo evribody. Martin has been nagging me to rite a blogpost so I am gowing to rite about howe to get to sea Ms Cow.

Mi firts plan was to desine and bild a bote with sales, and sale acros the see to Ms Cow. Martin was desining the outside of the bote, and i was desining the inside, with places for us to slepe, and hav cow parteys, and a baffrum, but no baff, cos cows dont do baffs. But martins screen broke, and he dusent hav a bote desining program on the old puter. He sed that we can use pensil and paper, but he makes to meny mistaiks and we wud need lots and lots of paper.

Then wen he was cleening owt the kichen he left the model plane a frend had maid on the cher with me and I cud hav a gud luk at it. It is a very fast plane with lots of supersonix so I thort i cud lern to fly and then i cud sea Ms Cow very very cwikly. But Donna sed plane luks just like a target drone and the er forse wud shute it down! Thats not fare!!! I cud paent it blak and wite so theyd nowe it was me but Martin sed they use radar and that dusent sea colors.

But now i hav a new plan! We saw a syense program on the tely, and they torked abowt cwontums. cwontums is wen a partykul is in 2 places at wons, but there very clos together. And they had a pussy cat that was alive and ded at the sam time, but i didnt undestand that bit. Cows ar much cleverer than partykuls, so I cud be here with Martin, and with Ms Cow and Donna at the sam time!! I just need grat big laser and a wite cote, so peepl nowe im a syentist.

Ok, this post now has two authors... Don't you just love these science shows that over-simplify everything? I've tried explaining that the distance between the places a particle might be is governed by its mass, not how clever it is; and that a particle doesn't get to choose where it might be, so there's no guarantee that all Cow's particles would end up in the same two places; and the pussy cat idea shows that one of the two Cows might be alive, and the other one dead! I'm making some headway with that one, because the thought of a dead Cow as well as an alive one would definitely upset Ms Cow. I'll concede on the white coat though, Ms Cow will indeed think he looks clever as well as handsome in a white coat...

Cow is currently conferring with Sidney the woolly dalek, which really concerns me, because with Sidney anything including lasers will involve exterminating things, since that's what daleks do, even cuddly woolly ones. If you hear in the news that the north of England has been reduced to a smoking ruin, you'll know that Cow's career as a quantum physicist has been less than totally successful. And I only made one mistake when we were designing his boat; serves him right for constantly demanding we make it bigger!

NOTE: Cow refuses to use spell check. Honey says that Cow complains that the red squiggly lines are very annoying. D'oh. Maybe we can get Ms Cow to convince him that he really needs to use spell check...

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    I liked Cow's boat idea better ;)