Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wrist Update

...and here I sit still not knowing what's up.

Get to follow up appointment. Wait.

Get called back. Wait.

Doc comes in and we start. Takes one look at MRI and radiologist's report. Starts mumbling and swearing under his breath.

Things not going very well at this point.

Seems like the MRI tech was having an "off day". He did not put a marker on the spot they needed to look at and on top of that, did not take pictures far enough up my arm to show the whole area they really needed to see.


Bottom line, Doc rips MRI supervisor a new one, which I'm sure was passed down to the tech. I was sent back to the MRI dept where I made an appointment for a partial MRI Tuesday morning.

Why wait? Well after the doc came back and explained a few things and apologized profusely, he said he wasn't going to be in for a few weeks, so I could take my time with the MRI re-do. And they weren't scheduling any non-urgent procedures that close to the holiday anyway.

Gee thanks. Just what I wanted to do...wait some more.

I did get some sorta good news out of it all...doc said that from what little he could actually see of my little bump, that it didn't seem to be attached to the nerve. And then threw a whole bunch of big fancy medical terms at me which he thought it was...and when he translated to English, it was basically a flap of some sort that needed to be removed...yada yada more pain.

All I really heard was MRI re-do, most likely not attached to nerve, no more pain. He says we really won't know until he gets hold of a good MRI - of course - but he seemed pretty sure it wasn't on the nerve.

Blah blah blah...yada yada yada...still hurts...still gotta wait.

In the meantime, I've got lots to do, don't feel like doing it and am going to do it anyway, attitude and pain be damned.


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