Friday, January 08, 2010

Post 566...out come the stitches

OK, so maybe I won't be showing the photos I took today. Nasty!

Anyway, I've been released for "moderate" activities.

In other words, remember you are still healing and don't do anything stupid!


It's going to be hard not to get carried away as I am used to doing stuff all the time. Even sitting on the couch watching tv, I'm "doing" something. Crafting, sorting, folding laundry, whatever.

I am looking forward to doing something else now besides, watching TV or reading. I just have to be a bit careful still. At least I can get it wet now and can wash my hair with 2 hands now. I've been a site these last 10 days, let me tell you. hahaha

Anyway, I'm sure the curious among you want to know...well, what the hell was it besides a bump on your wrist that hurt like hell?

Here's the official mumbo jumbo: benign leiomyoma

English translation: "nerve acting" tumor (which means it hurt like hell) on my muscle that also happens to be non-cancerous.

OK, so the doc originally said that the chance of it being a tumor of any kind was pretty slim.

And it was a tumor.

Go figure.

I'm going to buy some lottery tix.

Knitting needles, here I come.


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM PST

    I'm glad you can do more things now! Continue your recovery :)

  2. Well, 'benign' is good. I hope your recovery moves along quickly!


  3. So glad you can shower, and much more glad that there wasn't cancer. Take it slowly, don't push it and re-injure yourself.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM PST

    Oh man- I want to see the photos!!