Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lunch with a friend

Yesterday, Ms AmpuTeeHee and I met for lunch. You can read about it there and see a photo of my yummy burger.

And oooh, it was good. Hit the spot. Don't normally go for the beef burger (I prefer turkey) and the fries, but every now and then the body just craves it.

I'm not very good with measuring portions (I eyeball it), keeping a food journal, or counting calories, etc. I DO pay attention to what's in my food, what I eat, how much of it I eat, and how my body reacts to whatever it is I'm eating. I let myself indulge a craving (within reason) every so often, cos I can't do "you CAN'T" have this or that or the other thing. Just makes me want it even more, and then I give in and go overboard.

Add all that "monitoring" to riding my bike to the train station when it's not raining, and you get.....

drum roll...

....10 lbs lost since I started my new job. YAY!

I am happy about that...very happy. The planets are aligning as far as getting myself to a healthy place, so I'm going with it. I know that's a lot for me (just me, no one else) to lose in 1 month. I also know that going forward, the weight might not come off as easily. I'm ok with all that. I'm on pretty good speaking terms with my body, so I know what it can do and how far I can push it. When it pushes back, I listen.

In the meantime, clothes are fitting better, even shoes. It's a good feeling.

I don't care what the scale says, or what the clothing tag says. Just feeling comfortable is nice.


  1. I kinda think 10 lbs in a month is awesome. I'm also all about not depriving oneself too much, because that leads to feeling DEPRIVED. So good for you, for finding a balance between paying attention and being a freakazoid in the whole diet department. Diets don't work, even though Weigh Watchers wants you to trust THEIR diet. But being somewhat mindful, and exercising, that, I think, can work. And you're doing an awesome job of just that.

  2. Wahooo! thats great!!