Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 days to Honey

...and here I sit with the worst cold ever.

Had lots I wanted to do this weekend. Well, that didn't happen cos I've been mostly in bed whining to myself since Friday night.

Stuffed up nose - check.
Very sore throat - check.
Headache - check.
Fever - not check.

No fever means no flu, right?

The cough is starting and the froggy voice is here.

Not good timing my body dearest...not good timing at all...

I've been drinking mint tea, eating oranges, etc etc etc, and resting up a storm.

Feeling a bit better, so it's been working.

Off to go rest again. Been up since before the butt crack of dawn thanks to the sore throat. A nice hot steamy shower took care of all that for a bit.

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