Thursday, May 26, 2011


OK, these are definitely going to be knit for next winter here in the warehouse.

Was checking out Ravelry today and decided to see what my friend Stephieface has been up to...she has it in her favorites. Thanks Stephieface, I'm going to fav it too.

Nothing like Dr. Who Tardis things to keep you warm... Did I mention I have a Dr. Who Tardis ringtone?


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Or should I say "wayzins".

Remember Ms. Cow and her "raisins from Bike to Work Day"?

Yes. Nomity nom nom...

Well, Ms Cow convinced Cow that he needed to try raisins too, so when Honey's Mum came for a visit, she bought some raisins at the grocery store for Cow.

I think they got a bit carried away.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Things to Do... always in the Chaos, there are MANY. THINGS. TO. DO.

As is normal here, I've not done very much. Although I did get a lot done this weekend. Oddly enough, it doesn't look like I did anything.

All the small steps will add up to things looking better soon. I just know it.

I am currently working on a secret knitting project with a tight deadline.

It's going quite well considering all the stitches involved and that I haven't ever made one of these before and I haven't knit on anything in months and sometimes I can't concentrate and I loose my place on the pattern quite often.


In other words, a Typical Chaos Knitting Experience.

One main thing crossed off the TO-DO list this weekend was rescuing a blue dryer ball from behind the dryers. Poor thing has been trapped back there for a week.

A full set again.

Coming Soon: Ms Cow dishes on our Day Out at the Museum.

Friday, May 20, 2011


How many times does one need to play the demo version of "Collapse! Chaos" on their phone before they get tired of it and just buy the full version?

Apparently I have not hit that particular amount yet cos I've played eleventy-billion games already - the same first level - over and over again - and I'm still not tired of it.

First, I LOVE this game. I don't know why and I don't care. It gets me through many a train ride and bus wait.

Second, I don't have a data plan, so I can't buy the full version even if I wanted to - and I can't just download to my computer and then upload to my phone. It's not fair. Not fair at all.

Third, it would probably be a bad thing for me to get the game on my phone. I can see me missing stops, missing trains, and missing buses because I was so engrossed in a silly little game. That I LOVE.

Fourth, my new phone is awesome. Awesome I say!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is the sky falling?

It just might be.


Because I'm taking a day off from work - during the week - when I'm supposed to be working.

ummm...isn't that what a day off usually means?!?


I need a break. I need some culture. I need some inspiration. I need some peace. I need to do something cool. I need to get out.

Ms Cow has finally convinced me to take her here - we're going on Thursday.

And if she behaves herself, maybe I'll buy her this.

We are both very excited! If we're lucky, we'll hit a docent guided tour. If not, well, I'm sure we'll manage. We have ALL day.

Oh yeah, and I've posted TWICE in one day. Yeah, the sky just might be falling. Just hope it waits until Friday. We've got plans.


Measurements being taken today to knit warmth producing accessories for my co-workers, and of course myself.

I need a commuter project or two or three. And we're bloody freezing in here.

Just looked out the window. It's raining for the third day straight.

Just checked the temperature gauge in the office/warehouse. 62F outside, 61F inside.

Our heater isn't working. Maintenance has been called.

Just looked at the calendar. Three times.

Yes, it's May 17, 2011.

In the Bay Area.

In California.

I think we're supposed to be having mild and dry and sunny days, right? Right?!?

As slow as I knit, I should be finished by the time Winter rolls around again...if it ever leaves.

I think I'll start with fingerless gloves.

Give it a few days. I'm sure I'll be complaining about the heat and that it's too hot to knit.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Thursday! ***

***This post is being re-posted because Blogger LOST the original I wrote yesterday. Thank God I have things setup so that EVERY post is emailed to me because there is no way in Hell I could have redone this and been so damn clever a second time round. :)


Good things today so far:

Bike to Work Day!

It's like my own personal Halloween. My costume is my biking getup (which needs it's own blog post) and I go from Energizing Station to Energizing Station holding open my bag and getting loads of free stuff dumped in... Haul this morning, large size of the official Bike to Work tote bag, tangerines, fig newtons, juice, various maps of trails in the Bay Area (very handy!), reflectors, lip balm, reflective ankle thingy to rein in your pants leg, a recyclable pen, a water bottle, Clif bars, and various coupons to local sports shops. Ooh, and this really cool magnetic blinky light which I still haven't figured out quite how it works. Ms Cow got herself a wee little box of raisins for being a brave bicycle passenger (the trail is rather bumpy lately). All that was only from 2 stations. They LOVE to shower you with stuff - the list of goodies I turned down is even longer.

I hurds it trew da grapesvyn... Kalifornya waisins, nomity nom nom nom...

Paperback Swap

I LOVE this site. I've mailed off lots of books to good homes and just ordered 5 more for myself. Another Terry Pratchett book (Tiffany Aching, bk 3) and the first four books of the Stephen King "Dark Tower" series. Can't wait to get them!

More Energy

This doesn't really need an explanation, does it? Biking two days in a row and I feel great. Really should have started doing this a lot sooner.


Can't wait to see what the "Energizer Station" sponsors have on the ride home. I'm really hoping for a new dingy-ding bell. The East Bay Park folks were giving them out last year, so I hope to get another this year. The poor thing is all worn out. It dingity-dings on it's own now. Every time I hit a bump. Even a small bump. So I'm pretty much dingity-ding-dinging my way down the trail.

It's like it's saying:

"Look at the awesome outfit this woman is wearing! Here she comes wearing an awesome outfit! Look at her wearing that awesome outfit! She's riding a bike! And wearing an awesome outfit while she rides! Make way for the biking chick with the awesome outfit! You want an outfit like hers, you KNOW you do! Cos it's AWESOME!"



I originally wanted to write this update last night, but Blogger has been having some issues, so here it is on Friday. It's also not going to be so clever and funny as it was last night - in my mind.

Final list of "treats" from Bike to Work Day gathered up along the way home: more maps (I'm pretty sure I've got a complete set for the East Bay now), a chocolate chip cookie for Spencer (and yes I did give it to him), Red Vines for Spencer, cheese sticks, various and sundry juice boxes and mini-Gatorade bottles, various and sundry chips and fruit snack bags, mandarin oranges (YUM), Clif bars, Fig Newtons, more raisins for Ms Cow, and lots of bags. About 4 more bags than I really wanted. They were begging us to take extras though, so I did and they will go this weekend to the charity thrift shop with the rest of my donations.

I was very careful this year to only take what Spence and I would use/eat - no need to be greedy. Do I REALLY need more pens when I have a drawerful at home? Didn't think so. There were quite a few snacks because, well, Spencer is 16, quite tall and has entered his "bottomless pit of a stomach with two hollow legs" stage. Any food brought home is DEFINITELY consumed. So no waste there. The extra bags go away tomorrow and the maps I will keep in my "map box".

At the last stop before leaving the trail, I decided now would be a good time to have a drink of some refreshing water since it was quite warm and hauling all those snacks was causing me to break out into a pretty good sweat. Well, being the graceful dove I am, I managed to dribble half the bottle down my shirt. It was actually quite refreshing since I was indeed rather toasty.


Not quite so refreshing was the small swarm of gnats I swallowed on the last leg of the trip.

Updated List: Minus one bottle of Gatorade used to wash out my mouth...

I really need to keep my mouth SHUT when I'm riding.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thursday is a Special Day

It's "Bike to Work Day"!!

I'll be in the saddle bright and early and heading out to the train station.

I've been wanting to start riding every day but have been making excuse after excuse.

For inspiration, I've started reading "Fatty" again. I love his logo and catch-phrase. A big draft horse and "Heavyweight horsepower". If you're into biking - and I mean hardcore long rides - give him a look-see. He also has ride-alongs, give-aways, charity stuff, etc. On top of that he's a great writer with a good sense of humor.

I'm going to try and get motivated enough to do some charity rides.

And if that all fails to get me motivated and in the saddle more , I just need to go here.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A great day out on the bikes with the boy.

Damn, I'm getting shorter every year...

(Mother's Day 2010)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Buy A Shirt, Save my Sanity

Actually, buy a shirt and encourage an artist. :)

My son Spencer recently opened his very own Clothing Design Company.

Go check out Metrix Clothing.

He's got a lot more designs ready to go onto shirts.

Give him a look-see and hopefully you'll like it enough to buy one!

Spread the word...Metrix is in town!!!