Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Measurements being taken today to knit warmth producing accessories for my co-workers, and of course myself.

I need a commuter project or two or three. And we're bloody freezing in here.

Just looked out the window. It's raining for the third day straight.

Just checked the temperature gauge in the office/warehouse. 62F outside, 61F inside.

Our heater isn't working. Maintenance has been called.

Just looked at the calendar. Three times.

Yes, it's May 17, 2011.

In the Bay Area.

In California.

I think we're supposed to be having mild and dry and sunny days, right? Right?!?

As slow as I knit, I should be finished by the time Winter rolls around again...if it ever leaves.

I think I'll start with fingerless gloves.

Give it a few days. I'm sure I'll be complaining about the heat and that it's too hot to knit.


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM PDT

    Ummmm, socks, sweetheart? Yes, ok, it was sunny yesterday, but it's been raining today. Need to keep my feet warm!

    x x x

  2. Oh, you mean I should be knitting on your socks?

    I have been, very slowly. Almost done with the first. I don't want to talk about how many times I've redone it.

    And now it's warmed up again, so all other knitting plans are on hold.

    Except for your socks and a superduper secret project.