Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thursday is a Special Day

It's "Bike to Work Day"!!

I'll be in the saddle bright and early and heading out to the train station.

I've been wanting to start riding every day but have been making excuse after excuse.

For inspiration, I've started reading "Fatty" again. I love his logo and catch-phrase. A big draft horse and "Heavyweight horsepower". If you're into biking - and I mean hardcore long rides - give him a look-see. He also has ride-alongs, give-aways, charity stuff, etc. On top of that he's a great writer with a good sense of humor.

I'm going to try and get motivated enough to do some charity rides.

And if that all fails to get me motivated and in the saddle more , I just need to go here.


  1. I kind of think you've been smart to wait. All of that rain we've had has meant horrid allergies. Don't let it keep you home, but if there's a way to keep yourself from getting horrid allergies, go for it! (mostly, stay on roads, away from trails, I suspect...though if you're allergic to trees that might not help)

  2. oooh...that's a good one... I've been "smart", not lazy. :)