Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We visits da Mooseum Part I - Getting dere.

I'm going to tells da storee abowt owr visit to da Mooseum, but Donna sez I has to uuz da spell chex. Pooh.


Last Thursday (May 19th - ok so I'm a bit behind, it's hard to type with hooves and Donna took forever to give me da pikchurs), Donna took the day off so we could go to the de Young Museum to see the exhibit about Balenciaga and his designs.

We woke up early to catch the 8am bus to BART and made our way all the way to Golden Gate Park. It took us over an hour to get there so we had to stop and visit a resting room, get a snack and then get on MUNI for the last part of the trip. I have decided I don't likes the MUNI.

We got there soon after the Museum opened and saw some cool things on the way round to the front entrance.

We got searched at the door. Actually, Donna got searched. I burrowed deeper into her backpack because I don't like being searched. MOOOOOOO no likey.

At this time, Donna started cussing under her breath.

MC: whats is wrong?

D: I can't carry my backpack on my back? That's where I'm supposed to carry my backpack. And it's heavy!

MC: Is u twying to say I'm fats?

D: No, I've got a water bottle, snacks, a book, a sketchpad, pencil case, the secret knitting project, a pashmina, and a petite flower of a delicate Cow in my backpack. It's. Just. Heavy.

MC: Wy kants yuu ware da bakpak?

D: Something about not wanting me to back into priceless art. Some idiot must have done that at some point so now the rest of us have to follow more rules. My back already aches, this isn't going to help.

MC: lets just go gets da tikets.

D: Good idea. Oh look how my backpack swings back and forth while I carry it in my hand. It would be much safer on my back where it belongs.

MC: Oh stops whyning alredde. U gonna gets us in twubbls. Get the tikets!!! Get the tikets!!!

The nice lady at the desk gave us tickets right away. We were early and there was no line. Donna seemed to cheer up when she saw the headyphone thingies. We added on the audio tour and off we went up the steps to the exhibit.


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM PDT

    Boo spellcheck!! Cow spelling is so much more... interesting!

    And what's a "CHOAS Day Off", anyway?

    x x x

  2. From now on it shall be called "Chaos Day Off".

    There is no spellcheck for Labels. :)