Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Visits da Mooseum Part II - Donna gets in twubbls

(Just a quick note: there are 5 parts to this story.)

We showed our pass to the nice man at the entrance and went inside.

MC: Hay! Hoo turned off da lights?

D: That's the way it's dark in here. I can barely see anything.

MC: Ask dem to turn da lights back on, I can't see.

D: gah. I don't have enough hands to hold my pack and work this audio thingy... (puts backpack on her back)

SC (security guard): Excuse me, I'm going to have to ask you to take off your pack while you are in the exhibit.

D: huh?!?!?! Oh, sorry, just need to get this audio thingy set up and I'll take it off.

SC: You need to remove it now ma'am.

D: Well, can you hold it while I get this stupid thing set up?

SC: No...(walks away mumbling)

D: Wonder what they'll do if I put my backpack down on the floor. Or better yet, this exhibit here, it's the perfect height.

(SC turns and gives D a dirty look.)

MC: Great, you gots us in twubbls. Why didn't you askses dem to turn on da lights?

At this point, we got the headphone thingy working and we walked through the exhibit - with Donna carrying her backpack. It took her a few minutes of looking at pretty dresses to finally stop grumbling about it.

It was really hard to see most of the dresses as it was quite dark in the rooms where they were... It was very dramatic and all, but since Donna doesn't see well in lowered light, she wasn't having a good time. There weren't many peoples in the exhibit yet, but we all managed to bump into each other quite frequently. I'm sure it had something to do with not being able to see each other very well.

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