Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Visits da Mooseum Part III - Braking da rools

About half way throughs, Donna started coughing. She choked out something about perfume and reached into the backpack for her small bottle of water.

SC: Excuse me ma'am, you can't have beverages in the exhibit room.

D: Oh, sorry, didn't mean to choke to death in front of a Balenciaga masterpiece.

SC: You'll need to put that away now, how did you even get that in here?

D: I was searched when I came in, you tell me. It's one big section and when you look in the bag you can see it.

SC: You must have hidden it.

D: (opens the backpack and shoves it at the SC) Can you see it or not?

SC: Yes.

D: Then it's not hidden, is it?

SC: Just make sure you don't pull it out again.

D: Did you notice it's spill-proof?

At this moment, Donna spots a resting room and decides we needs to go in dere (spelly chekses I ignors yuu).

It was a very pretty resting room. It was also vewy, vewy green.

D: mumble mumble rules mumble can't see mumble mumble mumble... I'm hungry Ms Cow. Do you want to share some raisins?

MC: Yes! Dat sounds yumi. Hey!!!!!! You're gonna gets in twubble agen. I'm sure it's not in da ruuls dat you can eats waysins.

D: Well, we're in the bathroom. They can't come in here and try to keep me from eating raisins, taking pictures and drinking my water.

MC: But but but yuus brayking all da ruuls!

D: There are no rules like that for bathrooms. Not yet anyway. Raisins?

MC: Why yes, tank yuus vewi much! Nommity nom nom.

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