Friday, June 17, 2011

We Visits da Mooseum Part V - Running Aways

As we came out of da Tower elebator room, we were hit wit lowd skreems.

MC: Dat's not me, I swears!

D: Good heavens. What the hell is going on?!?

MC: Langwij!!!!

D: Oh, sorry. (more screeches and howls, etc) But seriously, what the hell is going on?

As far as we cuuld see dere were kids lineded up to come into da Moosuem. Dis Mooseum. Da one we were in. Dey weren't even insides and we cuuld heer dem screaming. Dey just kept coming off da long skinny yellow tings out in da street.

D: I think it's time we made our escape Ms Cow. It seems the whole of the San Francisco School District has decided to visit this particular museum. Today. Right now.

MC: I don't knoe whut dat means but pweese huwwy and get us out of here. My eers hurts.

We pretty much ran out of da bilding and round da corner.

Where we founded dis GIANT leafs! I wanted to rest in it. It lookded comferibul.

But it was not vewy comferibul cos it had wee spikey thingys all over. It itchyd my bum. :(

Heer is Mr Turtul. Say Hi to Mr Turtul. HI Mr Turtul! He was enjoying da sunshines.

There were pwetty floaty flowurs.  See dem? I pointses to dem.

And big twistee twee twunkses!

As we were cwossing da street to go waits for da MUNI, we herd a vewi LOWD skweeeels. I think 100 kidses skweeelded all at da same time.


Mr Turtul's relaxing day in da sunshines came to a qwick end at dat time I wuud tink. Pore Mr Turtul. I shur hope he swamded away frum da skweeeeling kids!

Just den, da MUNI came and we roded back to downtown City. We were hungwe and needed some peeeses and kwiets. We got lost in da Westfield Mall lunch crowd in a quiet corner and ate a nice calm lunch before we heded to da trane to goes home.

On da way out, Donna baut a Beerded Pappa yummy thingy. We waited until later to enjoy dat one doe. When we were comfy and relaksing at home where it was kwiet, we nommed it!

It was vewi gooood! Yumi yumi! Den we took a naps cos it was a loooooooooong and tyring day. Wit some scawi bits.

D: It wasn't very scary.

MC: It was to me!!!! Espeshully when dat ladee appeered like majik to say yuu was in twubbls agen.

D: Oh hush.
Donna's notes:
As you can probably tell, we didn't really have the best of days out, but we were actually grateful to have had the chance to at least try.  I don't think we'll be heading out to any sort of museum any time soon - especially if we really want to relax and enjoy the day.  If the rules don't get to you, the million screaming kids will. I've come to the conclusion that there really isn't a good time to go to a museum .  During the week, there are the busloads of school kids.  On the weekend, there are all the people who couldn't go during the week.  During the summer, there are the families, the tourists, etc etc etc.
I am grateful about one rule tho, no using cell phones.  And just to add emphasis to that one, I'm pretty sure they have some sort of blocker in place - or maybe it's just what the building is made of - as I lost signal before I even entered the museum and didn't get it back until I was about a block away waiting for MUNI.
One important lesson I did learn.  Next time I want to see an exhibit, I'll buy the book.  Even better, I'll get the book from the library. I'd be able to settle in at home under a comfy blankie with a cup of tea, or in a big comfy chair at the coffee shop and just enjoy the pictures in the brightest light I could find.
I'll save time and my sanity...and buy some fancy-pants yarn instead.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM PDT

    But Cow and I are going to take you both to some museums next time you come over! He's getting his battle-axe ready to deal with security guards. Only the little ones though, apparently I have to deal with the big ones...

  2. I really wouldn't mind getting in trouble from an English guard though - with the accent it wouldn't even be upsetting.

    Altho I could totally see myself intentionally causing trouble just to hear them "politely" tell me to quit or get kicked out.