Thursday, January 12, 2012

Round and round and round it goes...

...where it's delivered, nobody knows.

This is the strange but true story of a long journey made by a small little box filled with stitchy giftness - and a few pairs of really cool gloves.

It started out on January 4th, 2012 when the little box was packed, taped up tight, labeled with it's very own barcoded label, and dropped off at a California post office to start it's journey across the country.

On January 7th, the maker/sender of the stitchy giftness wondered where the little box was in it's journey.

With a checking of the tracking information, the strangeness began...

The mysterious Track and Confirm entity stated that the little box had gone out for delivery on January 6th in a place the maker/sender did not know.  This strange place was not the intended destination of the little box.

The little box was lost.

Maker/sender was confused.

First thing Monday January 9th, the phone calls to the Post Office began.

Maker/sender was told many times (5 at last count) that the little box was out for delivery, there is no problem.

When maker/sender explained that the little box was not in the city where it was intended to go, she was told as many times (that same 5) that she had probably addressed the little box incorrectly, so that is why it is lost in a strange city.

At which time the maker/sender shook her head in confusion and tried to explain.

The little box was addressed correctly because it's label was printed from the online account of the maker/sender.  The address was taken from the account's address book.  The maker/sender has sent stitchy giftness and many other items, cards, and letters to that address for 17 years.

So, no Ms Post Office person, the address does indeed exist, the occupant of the house has not moved to the strange city, and it actually WAS addressed correctly.

That address is the House of Grandmother.  It is a house of love and the spoiling of the grandson and the magical bottomless plates of Grandmotherly cooking goodness.  The Grandmother would NOT move without letting the grandson know the new location of the House of Grandmother.

Maker/sender was asked to leave names, addresses, phone numbers and was promised phone calls back.  She was given various phone numbers of postal locations she could call and check herself while she waited.

Maker/sender waited.  She called the numbers.  She was told time and time again that she had probably addressed the box incorrectly.  She received messages telling her again that she had probably put the wrong address on the little box.

But no one left a message saying the little box had been found.

One particular phone number was called repeatedly, but no one ever answered.  Maker/sender thought that was odd since it was in the middle of the day, and was curious as to why no one would answer the phone in the place where the little package had been sent.

After three days of no answers, and no one answering at the place that the little box had gone, maker/sender took matters in her own hands.

She googled the postal location of the lost box.  She found a new number and called it.  Once again, no one answered and the maker/sender was saddened.  She knew the little box was there, she just knew it!

She went back to the google listing, and went to the second page of articles and information.

With shock, she read article after article of how the postal location where the Track and Confirm Entity said the little box had gone was....closed!  The phone numbers that she had been either given or found were ringing in an empty building.  There was much knashing of teeth.

A bit more googling and maker/sender found out all mail that used to be sent to the closed location now went through another location - low and behold, there was another phone number.

With a knot in her stomach, maker/sender called the number.  It was answered after two rings.  Maker/sender was elated. The nice Mr. Postal Man on the other end listened to the sad story of the lost little box.  He asked her to wait while he went in search of the little box.

When he returned, he told her that the little box was not there in the office, although it had been before.  He told maker/sender that the little box had been sent back to the main sorting office in the city where the House of Grandmother is located.

Maker/sender was very thankful to Mr. Postal Man.

When she checked the Track and Confirm Entity tonight, the lost little box had found it's way back to the main sorting facility and had been scanned as being located there.

Maker/sender wonders where the little lost box will go now. be continued...

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  1. Anonymous8:49 AM PST

    Sidney and Daphne the woolly daleks are very glad nothing like this happened when they were despatched in little boxes across the wild wet waters; they're itching to go and exterminate evil post office people that did this to poor defenceless little box!!

    Hope box makes it safely to House of Grandmother without two woolly daleks having to go postal...

    x x x