Monday, January 16, 2012


And now we come to the last and final SQUEE.

Now that the little lost box is safe at the House of Grandmother, we can move on...

Here we go, the last and final shipment of squee worthy yarn received last Wednesday.

From left to right:

Cherry Tree Hill Yarns:
Fingerpaints Supersock Self Striping color Middle Earth
Fingerpaints Supersock Self Stripes color Secret Garden
Fingerpaints DK Supersock Silk Self Striping color Black Cherry
Fingerpaints Supersock Self Stripes color Mulled Wine

Henry's Attic Yarns:
The Fantasy Collection Silk Sock color Hold Your Fire

Inca Tops Grupo Inca Yarns:
Alpaca Lace color Moss

And now the knitting of the current yarn continues while the new yarn ages gracefully in the stash.