Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did we miss something?

Yesterday morning, Spence and I were out waiting for the 6:12am bus.

Yes, I said 6:12am bus.

Cars were speeding all over the place.  Three alone just through our apartment complex parking lot.  At 6am.  We maybe see one car per week at that time in the morning.  Three in one morning.  Hmmm.

People speeding up through yellow lights, speeding through green lights, not even slowing down to turn corners.

Were we walking that slow? No.

We then began to wonder if it was the zombie apocalypse and we should be running away or something.  Looked round, nope, no zombies.  I asked Spence if he was a zombie.  He said "not yet, you?".  Nope.

We looked up.  No Motherships or Alien Invaders.  No flaming asteroids screaming towards Earth.

Gas at the corner station: $4.29 per gallon (regular).

Fast forward to 6pm.

Got off the bus at the corner, gas was $4.35 per gallon (regular).

I think we did miss something.  I think we missed an entire week.

How else would you justify a 6 cent increase in one day?

Don't answer that.

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