Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reality and One More Thing I learned while riding my bike.

First, let's find out what I learned:

Ducks not only fly in a V-formation, they also swim like that.  I spotted some ducks in the canal going full blast in a V.  Spontaneously started humming Flight of the Valkyries.  It was fun. They were cute.

Even little baby ducklings will swim in a V behind their Mama Ducky.

Now for some reality:

So I gave up on the cutting down of the broomstick skirt.  Decided it wasn't going to look right.  Broomstick skirts are long for a reason.  Instead, I stopped in at Ross with Spence today.  Found a cute mini-dress made of the softest t-shirt material ever.  On other women, it would be a short dress, on me, it's mid-knee.  Sigh.  Anyway, it looks pretty good on its own and I'm sure it will look good over the compression pants.  Even if it doesn't, I'll have a cute summer dress.

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers.  Hug your Mom's close if you are blessed to still have them with you.  Give them a big hug for me.  Many mixed feelings tomorrow for us here in the Chaos.  Sniff.

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  1. Oh Donna, Mother's Day without your mom just SUCKS. I'm so very very sorry. My mom passed in '08, and this was the first Mother's Day I've had that didn't really, really hurt. It still hurt, but I was at least able to enjoy being a mom.

    It takes awhile. The hole in your heart is a sign of how much your mom means to you, and how much you love her. Honor that.