Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What the?!?!?!?!

While it's nice that Blogger and Facebook move forward and make changes, and change is good and all that crap, I REALLY wish they'd stop changing for a bit.

Let me catch up for crying out loud.

I've just gone and deleted a few of my posts by mistake.  I was in the "draft" area deleting old items that were never going to be posted.

Somehow I managed to end up in the "posted" area and deleted two posts before I realized where I was...

There is no way to recover deleted posts, but I do have all my posts sent to my email, so I went there to make sure I didn't get rid of anything earth-shattering.

Just a post about ugly celebrity feet and ZipCar.

I think you all can live without them, especially since I'm too lazy to redo them.

God only knows what I'll do if I go and try to fix something.

I'm just hoping I don't mess up the rest of my blog just by posting this... sigh.

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