Monday, January 14, 2013

A Chaos Holiday Visit in Pictures

Back now from the Holidays and a wonderful visit from my two men, Honey and Spencer.

Everybody on their laptops time.

Decorating the Chaos

Finishing of the Chili Peppers socks.  Can't believe I didn't take a photo of them.  I'll have to get one from Antonella.  D'oh.

The annual making (and eating) of the most awesomest stuffing  along with Honey-made mashed taters. And turkey.

Christmas Brunch at Black Bear Diner

Cow Spa Time

A trip in a ferry to see friends.

A BART ride to San Francisco for some New Year's Eve shopping. 

An awesome Honey-Do project. An up-cycled  bike rack.

A Honey Birthday lunch at Cheesecake Factory followed by The Hobbit.

Finished Honey-Do project, unpainted - it currently has one coat of paint and our bikes fit perfectly.

Socks for Honey

The socks started out as a Honey Christmas gift...

That didn't happen, so switched them to maybe a Honey Birthday Gift.  Again, didn't happen.

At the rate these are going, they might make it as a Honey Wedding Gift - because Honey asked the question on January 4th, and I said "YES".

The future Mr and Mrs Honey