Monday, October 02, 2006


OK, you all can get your minds out of the gutter.

I mean a quick update. Jeez...

Om Bag 2 pieces are done. I will block tonight, assemble it tomorrow night, and gift it on Wednesday. Unless I get lazy and/or distracted...and with the mood I'm in now, there is a 95% chance of distraction.

Kittyville hat base is done. I need to add the ear flaps, tie strings, and kitty ears.

Fuzzy Harlot SEX (stash enhancement excursion) scarf - imagine the google hits I'll get from that - was ripped out yesterday. With the size 35 needles, that was all of about 7 rows. I can't handle knitting with them, so I've switched to my Lantern Moon size 15's. My Mom bought them for me when we were on our Alaskan vacation. I just LOVE them.

Ripped out the fuzzy Target yarn 'something'. I just have no frigging clue what I'm going to make with this stuff. Maybe I'll donate it to Goodwill and let somebody else worry about it.

The RYS II is still alive and kicking and in hiding at the bottom of my knitting bag. I think it still needs to stay there for a few more days - just to be safe.

Here's yet another Kilt photo from David. Hubba Hubba! It all started with this. Ask and you shall receive - I never was one to pass up the opportunity to see a hunk in a skirt.

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