Monday, November 27, 2006

Dude, Where's the blogger?

Just realized I haven't posted since a while....

Short and quick update:

  1. knitting and lots of it. beads, wire, yarn - it's been a regular knitting frenzy - Xmas gift knitting time, you know.
  2. Thanksgiving - well, I tried to cook something decent for us. Came really close.
  3. we got a new hamster. Little 'Peanut' died Saturday morning. It's been a really rough few days for Spencer.
  4. cleaning of rooms (mainly Spencer's), more thoughts about decorating rooms, lots of cool ideas
  5. other stuff too, which I can't remember, but know I did 'cause I've been busy.

That's it for now. my left hand is covered in first aid gel. clumsy me poured scalding hot water on it while making tea. good thing we've got a well stocked first aid cabinet here. it feels 100% better all ready, but i've got to keep this goopy stuff on it for another 30 min.

more pix later too.

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