Thursday, November 16, 2006

I don't want my pity

OK, so I guess it's safe to say I'm over the pity party crap and it's time for me to start kicking my own ass into shape. What am I gonna do? Good question. I could get a personal trainer, a personal chef, a personal physical therapist ('cause yeah, you know I would hurt myself)...but you know where this is going... I'm not Madonna, or Oprah, or rich. So I'm stuck with just me - my friends and family for support, and the occasional episode of Biggest Loser to inspire me. Watched it last night. That was the biggest contributor to pooping the pity party.

So it's off to somewhere that has shoes on sale, 'cause a girl's gotta have new trainers you know. And maybe some yoga pants. 'Cause ain't no way in hell I'm wearing those spandex bike short things I used to exercise in...oooh, that was scary - very scary. Even scarier? Still have the damn things in my dresser. Guess I should get rid of them since I'm never gonna wear them again, huh? Yeah, I've got pack rat issues. I'm working on that too. Oh, and there are no jogging suits allowed in my closet either. Hate those things.

Knitting content? Yeah, I've got some of that too....

The scarf is almost done. I should be able to finish it up on the way home. Then it's back to Phoenix and Cigar Round 2. I really should get started on the wine cozy too. I'm thinking I need to make several. I've been getting some Holiday party invites already and nothing says Holidays like wine in a handknit cozy. Booyah! - Instant Host/Hostess gift. I sure hope I don't have any issues with this pattern like I am with Cigar. That would totally suck!

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