Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Aww Helll, I forgot again...

I hate having a Swiss Cheese memory, although I do have quite a fondness for Swiss Cheese.

Spencer is right, I am losing my mind, one slice at a time...

I had thought about something really cool and funny to write about in today's entry to guide your attention away from all the stuff I've been knitting away on...but I forgot what it did notice the past tense at the beginning of this very long run-on sentence, did you not?

So, I guess I'll have to just dive into the stash flashing. Hmmm, wonder how long I can drag this out since I can't remember anything I wanted to write about? I'll take that as a challenge, thank you very much.

And so it begins....

Meet my knitting bag - I just noticed it has no name. I'll have to fix that... Gifted to me by my generous Sister a few years back for Xmas. I love it. Tucked inside were some stitch counters, and a very cool knitting wrist bag. You know, one of those that holds one ball of yarn and you hang it on your wrist as you knit? Love that too.

Inside the knitting bag now-a-days (you can see that it is totally stuffed, right?) are several in-progress projects and a few skeins of yarn. The yarn is Sirdar Denim and was gifted to me by my Sister several (I lost count) years earlier along with a knitting book full of "easy" sweater patterns.

You see, I have a fear of knitting sweaters. The pieces, the seaming, it's frightening. She thought if I had the yarn and a simple pattern and knit one for myself, I might finally break through the bad knitting mojo and make a sweater. I have the sneaking suspicion though, that it was all a ploy to get me knitting sweaters so that I would then be able to knit one for her too. NOTE: I have since discovered seamless knitting in the round, but have yet to gather the courage to make a sweater with this knowledge. I'm a chicken shit. There, I said it so you don't have to...

My Sister is one smart cookie. Not only is she my best enabler, she's a sneaky wench too. Very tricksy, that one.

Anyway, back to the contents of the knitting bag. I am so going to be able to drag out this flash stashing business for a while. Damn, I'm good. At the bottom sits the RYSII (yes, I found it again) in which I have lost total interest. I totally HATE when I do that. And wouldn't you know it's always with something I'm making for myself. It's at the very bottom so I don't frog it in total frustration just yet. I'm still deciding if I'm going to do that or not.

On top of the RYSII is the Sirdar Denim - calling out to me to "make something with me dammit, anything!" I have a few ideas, but they'll have to wait until after my Holiday knitting is done.

On top of the Sirdar Denim are 2 or 3 ziplock bags (what would we knitters do without our ziplock bags?!?) with Holiday knitting projects. Hey look over there! Isn't that Johnny Depp?

I SOOOOO wish it was...he's Smokin' HOT baby, yeah!

Don't know if it worked on you, but I'm totally distracted now.

Ahem. I now leave you with this...

...the infamous stash dresser. Notice there are 5 drawers. That means 5 days of blabbering about my stash. A drawer a day. Every ball of yarn has it's own story. Aren't you all so lucky? Snicker.

In tomorrow's entry, we open the top drawer.

Merciful Heavens, for someone who couldn't remember what she was going to write about, this sure did drag on, didn't it. I tend to ramble aimlessly - a lot - roll with it people and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Anonymous4:23 PM PST

    Hellooooo Donna!
    My my you have been busy! I'd love to learn to knit, but I think I would be stuck with a whole lot of scarves, which is fine because I love scarves.

    I tried crocheting a few years ago and it killed my neck to look down all of the time, plus the cats thought it was just good fun for them to run away with the ball of yarn.

    Happy Knitting!