Monday, December 11, 2006

Before we peek into drawer #3...

I'll distract you from being distracted with other distracting stuff. Is it distracting you yet?

OK, so now I've decided to do the AVON Walk in July 2007 here in San Francisco. Guess I'd better get my tush in gear and start the training.

Bippie is already in the spirit...

...and has been for a while. I always have my Pink Ribbon Pin somewhere.

It seems that now I am wanting to add more stuff to The Chaos which is this blog. It's good stuff, so I don't mind. I'd like to post about my knitting, my walk training, and also my organizing adventures with the FlyLady.

How to organize it. I was thinking maybe I should just write about it all every day. How boring though to read. I got up, I went to work, I walked for 30 minutes, I did my laundry, and I knit 2 more rows on BART. Blech!

So I came up with this...

Boobie Tuesday - Stuff concerning the AVON Walk
FlyLady Friday - Stuff concerning what's happening with organizing my shit as the FlyLady whips me into shape

All the other days for knitting (of course) with a guest posting every now and then by this blog's very own, AWESOME, resident artist, Spencer.

Probably won't do this until I actually sign up for the walk and get things started officially. Plus I still need to get started with the FlyLady stuff. Although I did "Shine my sink". And it does look lovely (it's very shy and feeling kinda nekkid - no dishes stacked in it you know). So no picture of the sink. Maybe when the pile of mail next to it gets taken care of, I can talk it into a photo or two...

AND most importantly, not until after I've gifted everything I've been knitting lately.

Until then, I leave you with this...

One of my 'secret' projects gifted to the family who hosted this weekend's Xmas party. Too bad you can't see what it is...oh, and the gift tag? A hand-painted (by me) ornament with their family name and I just realized I put 2007 instead of 2006. D'oh!

Dammit! I have many skills, but it doesn't seem like I've got the whole calendar reading thing down yet. ARGH!

Edited to add: Almost forgot. I added a ticker at the top to track my weight loss. Doc says I gotta lose, I know I gotta lose, maybe training for the Walk will help me lose. We'll see...last few times I did these walks, I gained 5 pounds. At least the ticker is pretty, don't you think?

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  1. boobie tuesday...bwahahaha!
    I will never hear that song the same way again.