Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Chaotic knitting returns...

Back into the knitty swing of things...

Finished objects!

The Fuzzy Harlot S.E.X.* scarves are done. I bought the Fuzzy yarn when Antonella and I went to see the Harlot back in September. Behold the two scarves in all their fuzzy softness. It was hard getting this photo. Had to wait until my kitty went to sleep. She is in love with the soft fuzziness that is this yarn.

Two out of 3 scarves planned are now finished. These two are headed out to Mom's again for her and Sis. The third is almost off the Knifty Knitter.

* Stash Enchancement eXcursion

And since I can't get enough of beads, but haven't started up with the candle wraps again (I need a break after 14 of those suckers)...I made these.

Napkin rings made from memory wire and beads recycled from two beaded tassels. The tassels were huge, so there were tons of beads. You'll be seeing a lot of stuff made with these beads. Should have taken a picture of the tassels...

I know I wasn't going to start this until next week, but here it is, a week early:

Weigh-In Wednesday and a belated Boobie Tuesday update.

WIW: Well, I'm not actually weighing myself today. No time to go to the doctor's office and it's just the first week. I'm still adjusting to this whole healthy choices thing, so I don't feel there was much progress anyway. I tried starting the South Beach Diet, but ended up doing nothing but cheating the first two days. Not good, so I scrapped that and will just try to eat healthier and cut down on the fat, the carbs, and the junk. I still eat what I want (to a point), but I watch my portions and always try to find the (best) healthiest thing to eat. This seems to be working. We'll see how well, next week when I weigh in at the doc's office.

BT: I've been walking every day, but yesterday my knee gave me hell on the way home and was quite swollen by bed time. I might have to re-think this whole AVON Walk thing if this keeps up. I'm hoping it'll stop harassing me as I lose more poundage. I'm going to wait until the first 20 punds are gone and see how it behaves before I do my official sign up. If I end up not actually walking, I will still raise money for the AVON Foundation by supporting other walkers. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I've dusted off the exercise DVD's and cleared out a small space in the living room. Don't forget to breathe...

I moved the Glucose Test countdown to the footer. It was stressing me out having the two tickers together. If it continues to stress me out, I'll get rid of it for good.

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  1. I am pretty much in the same boat as you - and all I can say is Weight Watchers works I promise. I have my glucose test in February and aiming for weight goal by July. I have 70 to lose and am aiming a bit high but I am okay with that....