Thursday, December 14, 2006

Frog the Sweaters, Save the World...

And now my pretties, Drawer #5 and my final reference to TV shows be they game, reality, or drama...Heroes. My fav! I am hooked and impatiently waiting for the new season to start in January.

Drrrrrruuuuummmm rrrrollll puhlease!

I give you Drawer #5!

...the recycled yarn drawer. Every single one of those ZipLock bags holds balls of yarn gleened from thrift store sweaters. The lovely periwinkle color is cotton. The rest is either silk, silk ribbon, or just plain ol' ribbon. I paid less than $20 for all the yarn in this drawer. SCORE! So far it has given me hours of frogging pleasure - have I told you how much I like frogging? It's an addiction. So much so, that it's a miracle I ever finish anything. Forget saving the World. Frog the sweaters, save my sanity! Hee Hee.

And yes, I watched the Finale of Biggest Loser last night. And I balled my eyes out. Oh hush. All the contestants looked great! Now I have a case of "If they can do it I can do it!" So far I have been a 'pretty good' girl. I got a good night's sleep, I've been drinking a goodly amount of water, I had a healthy breakfast, and I've been taking the stairs all week. Ok, I'll come clean, I've only been a 'pretty good' girl this morning 'cause I had a small piece of a chocolate bar last time I filled up my water cup. It was just a small piece, and now I don't want anymore. Phew! I've found total denial of foodly pleasures does not work with me.

Last time I watched the BL finale, I was pigging out on Chinese takeout, went to bed with a full stomach, then woke up and kept on with my anti-exercising ways and bad food choices. Seems like I'm doing a lot better now. Good. Baby steps in the right direction.

Time to fill up my water jug. This time, no chocolate chaser. :)

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  1. Anonymous10:35 AM PST

    LOVE THE HEROES! and so looking forward to it returning next year.
    FROGGING - I must find out what this frogging business is as it sounds very exciting.
    YARN FROM SWEATERS - so you are able to "unknit" them? without cutting them? you rock my re-using friend.
    BIGGEST LOSER - I totally cried when Eric came home to his family. Cried into my orange chicken.

    Keep up the water drinking! Even with the occasional chocolate chaser. Gotta give yourself a little something every once in a while.