Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hey, Knitted stuff!

..but not just yet...

I'm also going to delay opening my drawers (of the dresser people, the dresser) and showing you my treasures (the stash, OK? the stash!!). You folks have such gutter thoughts.

First, I mesmerize you with these...my latest knitting related obsession...stitch markers...

What's the big deal about stitch markers you ask? These just aren't any stitch markers. These are my very first non-plastic, non-plain, non-generic, non-craptastic stitch markers. AND I made them myself.

But Donna, you say, they are uneven and while they coordinate, they don't quite match. Well, that's because those beaded little dangles used to be hanging from these...

...earrings. Yes, folks, the ReUse Lady has struck again. I was going through my stuff (and boy do I have a shitload of stuff) one day last week. This particular day, it happened to be my earring collection. I have oh so many of them, but only wear so few. I started to think about which ones I could part with and which ones I should keep. Although I found a bunch to donate, there were a few that I still liked, but hardly ever wore. Like this pair. I love the green and the little dangly bits, but the color combo in the dangles didn't really 'go' with anything in my wardrobe. I left them hanging with the rest of the bunch and every time I passed I'd think... Should I keep you? Yes, but why? Then one early morning (around 2ish), the idea hit me in my sleep. Make stitch markers from the earrings you don't wear, but can't part with...you will still have them and they will be useful little trinkets... Brilliant! Bloody Brilliant!!!!

So there you have it. A new set of very useful stitch markers, and some modified earrings that I'll probably wear more now that the other colors are gone with the dangles.

And now something knitted...the finished Vegan scarf.

Unfortunately, the damn thing smells like diesel fuel. Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell? It's not silk or wool, but the fibers are delicate. I've washed it, with gentle soap, but it still stinks! I'd really hate to just toss it, but if I can't get rid of the stink, I'll have to...wish I could have noticed it while I was knitting the darn thing, I would have stopped and just tossed the yarn. Sigh.

Maybe I'll stop teasing you all and flash my stash tomorrow. Then again...maybe I won't...it's not that exciting. Really.

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