Monday, December 04, 2006

Hey look, over there!

The past few weeks have been filled with yearly doctor appointments, a teeth cleaning (look Mom, still no cavities!), work, school stuff, Holiday crap, lots of knitting of stuff I can't show just yet, life in general, and blogs of no substance. I've been busy and lazy at the same time. Let's just hope I'm over the BlogThing quiz stage...

I can't wait to show you what I've been knitting, but that will have to wait until everything's been gifted - Don't Open 'til Xmas! hahahaha

In the meantime, I'll distract you with some knitting related entries, which I hope you will enjoy.

What do you do when you have to fast for a blood test and all you can think about is eating? You look for something, anything, to distract you and keep you out of the kitchen. To heck with cleaning or laundry, give me something else.

My distraction of choice this time?

Skeining up this...

2600 + yards of luscious green yarn, recycled from two very long sweater 'coats'. I bought one at the Goodwill for 3.99 (on sale), and then went across the street to the Salvation Army and got another for 2.00 (on sale). The exact same sweater, only different sizes, in two different stores, in my favorite color. It was destiny that I buy and frog them. I can't even remember when I bought them, but I know it was last year. I frogged them right away, and got 4 grocery bags (plastic) of balled up yarn out of them. I finally wound them on my homemade knitty knoddy thing and counted up the yardage. This soft, yummy stuff is destined for a cuddly blanket for me...but I can't start on it until after the Holiday knitting is over. Sigh. Now I just open the drawer (of my stash dresser) and fondle it every now and then. Ahhhh!

Tomorrow, I take you on a tour of my stash dresser...until then...

Antonella and I skating (yes, I got up on the ice after 20+ years - and didn't fall!) at the Ice Rink at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. LOOK! She's wearing the wrist things I made for her - they match her coat perfectly - and she likes wearing them. Music to a knitter's ears...

Edited: Oh yeah, almost French name is Bebe Chabot...ooh la la...

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  1. Dude, that is A LOT of yarn.
    Happy knitting! Wheee!