Friday, December 08, 2006

Howie, Drawer #2 please!

Howie Mandell: ...Open the drawer... (OK, so how's this reference to Deal or No Deal? Now I'm young and hip, right? Right? Dammit.)

Let's see what it holds, shall we?

The yarn on the left: ladder (?) yarn (the brand escapes me, but I got it at Michael's). Next to it are Green boucle baby booties. Still need to be seamed. I've had them knit up for a year. I know, pathetic. Below that, some soft fuzzy Nanook from ArtFibers Yarn here in San Francisco. Yum. Destined to be a scarf for someone I'm sure. Next to that, something I bought from Michael's called "Bling". Can't remember who makes it, and have never seen it there again. Have tried several times to make something, but I hate working with it. Looks like it's headed for the 'donate' pile. Someone out there somewhere will give it the love and attention it needs. I surrender.

The jumble of ziplock bags? My knitting and crochet needles and my knitting tools. My half-assed attempt to organize them all. Circulars in their own bags by size, same with dpns. Crochet needles all in one. Other knitting tools in their own bags as well. At least they are all in one drawer, the bags are marked and I always put them back in their respective bags when I'm done with them. It's a start.

See that bizarre white stuff with the orange day glo label? That's glow-in-the-dark fiber. Yeah baby. Glow-in-the-dark. Someday I will make something really cool out of it. Really. Let's not mention I've had it for 6 years now. Shhhhh....

On the right half of the drawer you will find various and sundry left-over yarn. Nothing to see here, move along folks.

Oh wait! See that blob of baby blue yarn? I bought that in Spain, along with the very long 5mm needles I used to make the Om Yoga Bags. See how lovely it looks still in the original ball. After 21 years (yes 2-1 years) you would think I could either knit something with it or give it away...I'm such a packrat.

And there you have it. Drawer #2 in all it's glory and another day where I showed you something else besides the stuff I'm knitting now. Isn't that special...

Howie: Here's your question Donna...Deal...or...No Deal?

Donna: Ooh, Howie, I don't know. I can't decide when your shiny bald head is so sexy and calling to me! I just want to jump on you and leave lipstick prints all over your head, but you won't let me touch you! What should I do? What should I do?

Howie: Riiiiight...Will Donna take the Deal or continue on with the game? We'll find out when we return....!! SECURITY!

Ok, I admit it, I watch this damn show. And I yell at the TV too - TAKE THE DEAL, TAKE THE DEAL you moron, your luck is running out! Drives Spencer crazy and scares the crap out of the cat. I take my parenting 'sub-job' of embarassing the heck out of my kid very seriously.

For example: Singing "Tell me what you want, want you really really want. I'll tell you what I want what I really really want", very loudly, along with the radio (Spice Girls) on the way to school, with one laughing friend as witness.

That'll teach him to forget his lunch money and bus pass so that I have to stop and get more money, buy him another ticket and end up driving him to school anyway 'cause it's too late to take the bus, then muddling through BART parking, late trains, etc etc etc...sigh. Yes, it was one hell of a morning. One of those days that truly tests your patience and your ability to just roll with the shit and not stress out.

I passed.

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  1. Anonymous1:50 PM PST

    Were you listening to Alice this morning or do you always keep a little Spice Girls in your car?

    I had no idea you have been into the yarn crafts for so long (holding onto yarn you purchased 21 years ago?). I knew you have always been crafty, but I must say this is a side of you I never knew.

    Happy Friday!