Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Stumped

I've been reading around the web about folks who are going ahead with the Knit from Your Stash yarn diet. I just don't get it. Some people are commenting that LYSs will go out of business or the industry will be hurt?

I don't think so.

I personally have only ever bought yarn from a LYS (Michael's, JoAnn's, Beverly's and WalMart don't count as LYSs) twice in my entire knitting life. That's TWICE in 36 YEARS people. Yet somehow in all the places that I've lived, I've never caused a LYS to go out of business.

For every one knitter who knits from stash for the first 9 months of 2007, there are probably so many more who aren't. And if you've read any of the 'personal' rules on any of the blogs of the folks who are going ahead with it, there will still be plenty of yarn purchased. We've put in lots of loop holes for ourselves.

What's a diet without any cheating?


  1. Anonymous5:23 PM PST

    I'm obviously not in the knitting know. I'm giving this a guess... LYS=Little Yarn Shop?

    I don't even know where to find one in our area, although I do know where there are a few little quilting shops! Those are fun, but I get in trouble because I buy, but I don't quilt.

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM PST

    I only ever shopped at a LYS once ever, and the clerk was so snotty I actually didn't buy anything. My yarn has always come from KnitPicks, Walmart, and decimated sweaters (saving a pearl or two that came from eBay). My non patronage has never caused a LYS to go out of business.... Why? There are people out and about who buy the pattern specific yarn for every project and won't pay or knit with anything less than $8 a skein.

    Not on a yarn diet, I'm on a yarn fast.

  3. Anonymous5:34 PM PST

    Cherry.... LYS means Local Yarn Shop... you were VERY close. There are websites you can look up that will show you yarn shops anywhere... thus helping you in you yarn search. Good Luck