Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lt Blue - 5 votes, Yellow - 3 votes, Black 2 votes

I'm sorry Lt. Blue, you are not the Biggest Loser - you've been voted out of Drawer #4...

Yes, I watch this show on occasion. Sometimes I get a lot of motivation from it. Sometimes I just watch it to see what they look like now - the before and afters are cool. Whatever, it's one of those 'vote you out' shows and just about the only one I'll watch.

On to #4...

It's the 'standard' acrylic drawer - left to right, top to bottom. Nothing in this drawer was recycled from an ugly sweater or anything like that. Exciting, huh. The oldest stuff in the drawer is the light blue. Given to me by my Sis at the same time she gave me the cream (1981 for those of you who forgot from yesterday already). There used to be a lot more, but I made her a rectagular shawl last year. The rest of the stuff is pretty recent, maybe 2 0r 3 years old at the most. Great for charity knitting and a quick scarf or hat for a kid who will just lose them anyway and is also sensitive to woolies. See the rather large "Pound of Yarn" on the left? I bought that last year to make several Kitty Kat Hats. You can see how far I got. Sigh.

Well that's it about the acrylic. Not much I can say about something I just pop out to the local craft store and buy when it's on sale. Unlike some people (ok you yarn snobs, stand up and represent) I have no issues working with it. I have no issues buying it. Can't go wrong with machine wash and dry for a rough and tumble boy and his friends. These 'new' acrylics are so much better than the stuff I first started out with in the 60's and 70's too. Which makes me very happy since I can't use anything that comes off an animal, and there's very few of the fancier new 'non-wools' that I can afford. Some day I will try out the Corn, the Hemp, the Bamboo, and the Linen fibers. Oh, and that SeaSilk everyone keeps raving on about. Until then, I have my 'fake' yarn and my recycled yarn and I am happy. I get to knit, and more importantly, I still get to eat.

Tomorrow, we dive into the last drawer - #5. I've saved the best for last.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this (no pics yet though)...

I went to the craft store for more Xmas gift supplies and ended up coming home with more than I intended. Well, DUH, Donna. You always do. What made you think tonight would be any freakin' different?!? But, the extras I bought will be put to good use. HINT: I will make some stuff that I will use to raise money for the AVON Walk. Stay tuned...

Last night I watched about 6 hours of CSI episodes. While watching (or should I say listening?), I made some stitch markers, I sewed up Spencer's Xmas gift, and worked on some of my Xmas gift knitting. I was a very busy little elfette.

Sidebar: I work in most all of the fiber arts - I'm an equal opportunity obsessive needle artist - but knitting is my fav.

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