Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Xmas

Hello all. Merry Xmas to all who celebrate.

I will spend this Xmas Eve hanging with my kitty watching movies and doing other important things like - nothing. Hee hee

Spencer is off in TX with his Dad visiting both sides of the family. I have chosen not to accept the usual invite of my good friends in the valley to go there for Xmas. Instead, I will chillax, catch a movie with AmpuT and then chillax some more. I am looking forward to it all. It has been a rough year, and I'm not taking any extra time off for the Holidays, so I really want to chillax as much as I can this weekend.

There will be no knitting and no showing of Xmas knitting. I'm taking a break. I'll start up again on Tuesday and will post everything I made for Xmas gifting then.

I spent last night organizing my beading and sewing stuff - don't know what got into me, but it felt good. I need a few more plastic boxes to finish, but don't know if I want to venture out today or not. Well, I have to decide soon. Scorpion King is almost over and I need some fresh air. Shopping, walking or both.

Hmmm...but maybe some Jet Li first....The One. Boy, I sure do have this chillaxing thing down.

Stopped at GameStop the other day and took advantage of the 3 used movies for $10. Third movie? The Matrix.

The Rock, Jet Li, Keanu Reaves...action yum. Merry Xmas Donna.

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