Monday, December 18, 2006

Ohhhh, so THAT'S how it works...

This weekend found me discovering a few things.

First of all this FlyLady stuff is hard work...
  1. Wash all your dishes, and scrub your sink til it's clean and shiny
  2. Do this every night and you will wake up to a clean sink and you'll have a great start to your day.

Wake up Saturday Morning - I can't see the bottom of my sink again. This FlyLady thing isn't working all that well. Ahhhh! OK, I get it now, so you have to dry/put away the dishes you washed by hand, and put away the dishes after the dishwasher cycle is complete. Only then can you keep your sink clean by washing the dishes, putting them away, etc. It's a vicious cycle I tell you. I spent all weekend doing dishes. This sucks. No wonder they have you doing one thing at a time until it becomes a habit. This organizing stuff is hard work. If you tried to do it all at once, you'd give up. HELLO! Been there done that.

Second, my friends think I don't take enough time out for myself - and they care enough to tell me by...

  1. Gifting me with some really comfy slippers and stuff to give myself a facial.
  2. A bag of Cinnamon and Orange tea with a bunch of dark chocolate.

So while the kid is away for the Holidays, I intend to do just that - facial, mani/pedi - ahhhh...

#2 came from a friend (male) with instructions. "How to relax: Brew the tea, put your feet up, enjoy the chocolates and think of me...or nothing at all." Easy enough. What did I do? I brewed the tea, ate the chocolates and thought of him wearing nothing at all. That's the way this woman relaxes. Booyah.

And now for some photos (not of the naked friend you pervs)...

A few peeks into my teapot/teacup collection...'cause I'm still distracting you from Xmas knitting...and there's still a whole freaking week left...and the whole "My 70's Apartment" thing is freaking boring. Gack.

First the gifted tea and my tea bags from Japantown. Can't read the instructions (they're in Japanese), so I'm winging it. Pretty straightforward though. Put tea in bag, put bag in hot water.

Next 'girlie' teapot and a few 'girlie' cups from my collection.

Spencer refuses to have tea with me when I use that 'icky girlie stuff', so he bought me these cups for Xmas one year. I give you...the 'manly' (as in plain with no flowers) teapot and the 'manly' cups (yes, they have flowers, but they're blue, and the cups are far from dainty).

Hell, I'm just happy he will sit down with me and have tea. I'll keep him.

NOTE: Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about "Boobie Tuesday" and "FlyLady Friday". I'll start up with that officially next year. Sounds so deceivingly far away, doesn't it.

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