Monday, December 11, 2006

Potty break!

And now a break from our regularly scheduled TV Show references and general "It's the weekend and I'm bored" posts.

What do you do when there are 3 bathroom stalls and only 2 women in the office?

You mark your territory, that's what...oh come on, you can't tell me you don't have a favorite stall? Liar!

Last stall on the right...


Middle stall?

Yep, hers.

First stall?

Visitors - the "Luxury Guest Suite" (in case you can't read it - it is a crappy picture after all).

I was going to bring in a small table, put a doily on it and a vase with pretty flowers, but that never happened. Oh well.

Yeah, I got bored one night, was the last person in the office and just whacked out a bit. Hee hee.

The signs are down now, because woman #3 just came back from maternity leave and the stalls just can't be claimed as "Mine" and "Hers" any longer. Oh well.

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