Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Something else to do in 2007...

So far we've got normal (what is normal anyway?) everyday life.

Organizing with the FlyLady.

San Francisco AVON walk.

And now...(as spotted on Rabbitch which she got from Wendy)...

I'm crazy. But not really. (Wait for it....)

Here's the 'official' rules. Hey! Waddaya know? Being a financially challenged single parent, I already do that. Piece of cake. We are allowed to alter the rules to fit our specific needs. So here's my updates:

Knit From Your Stash 2007: Guidelines for Donna

  1. The Knit-From-Your-Stash-a-Thon will start January 1, 2007 and run through September 30, 2007 -- a period of nine months.
  2. I will not buy any yarn or sweaters to frog during that period, with the following exceptions:
    2.a. Sock yarn does not count. What? You think we are made of stone? (I don't really need this exception, but I'll keep it anyway what the hell.)
    2.b. If someone asks for a specific knitted gift that we really and truly do not have the yarn for, we may buy yarn or a sweater to frog to knit that gift.
    2.c. If we are knitting something and run out of yarn, we may purchase enough to complete the project.
    2.d. We each get one "Get Out of Jail Free" card -- we are each allowed to fall off the wagon one time.
  3. I am allowed to receive gifts of yarn.

And since you all have seen all my stash, you all know that I have enough to keep me busy for a very long time. And maybe, just maybe, I'll use up all that yarn that's over 20 years old...

Wendy and L-B are going to go to Stitches East in October - that is their 'reward' for clearing out the stash.

My 'reward' will be less of my very small amount of storage space taken up by yarn.

UPDATE: In addition to Boobie Tuesday and FlyLady Friday, I'm going to add Weigh-In Wednesday. I'll be updating the ticker every Wednesday.

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