Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who wants to see my purse collection?!?

Oh come on, you know you do...besides, I'm done showing off my 70's apartment and the stash dresser. I've got to show you something besides my Xmas knitting. Xmas better come soon, I'm running out of things in my apartment to show you. And no, I'm NOT going to show you my undies drawer!

Right. I'm so glad you want to see them (the purses that is...). Oh just hush up and enjoy the pretty pictures...

We'll start with my collection of wee little purses.

The one that started it all. Bought in Spain in Spring of 1985. Cool. Leather. Stylish (in Spain in 1985). I love it.

A cheap plastic zipper pouch from Target Dollar Spot (good for holding a sewing kit) and a vintage blue clutch from a thrift store.

The latest addition - the Fabulous Brass/Copper purse from the thrift store and a donation to the collection from a generous friend.

A fake crocodile mini-makeup case from the Wal~Mart clearance rack (it was green and cute and I had to have it) and a patchwork bag from a thrift store.

A pink/brown mini bowling bag with a cat on it from the thrift store and an embroidered bag from a South American street vendor in San Francisco.

A silk bag from the thrift store and a hand embroidered bag that Mom brought back from her Mediterranean Cruise.

A mini straw bag and a vintage gold purse - both from the thrift store. I thought the vintage purse looked rather Cleopatra-esque.

A vintage dark grey beaded purse from the thrift store - very pretty and a new silk purse with beaded handles. The one purse in my collection that I paid full price for - I just had to have it - it's one of my favorite colors (and I needed it to go with a dress I was wearing to a wedding).

And finally - The two purses that literally hang with me at the office. My 'Romance' bag from the thrift store, and my $5 beaded bag from the Ashby Flea Market.

Well, that's it, but only for today - 'cause you know I got more for tomorrow and then there's still a small box somewhere that I haven't seen in ages filled with more...which I won't be looking for, so I'll spare you the torture of making you look at them too.

NOTE: This does not include bags currenly in use in the other bags (i.e. my other zippered and drawstring pouches), various tote bags, weekend bags, backpacks, non-vintage purses, etc. Wouldn't want to bore you with that, now would we. Besides, I'm getting tired of this and will be showing off my Xmas knitting very soon.


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM PDT

    Hi I just bought a purse from an antique shop that looks exactly like the brass and coper one you have here I was wondering if you could give me any info you might have on it like who designed it or anything you might have I would be eternally grateful thank you sincerely Rachel G

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I bought it at a thrift shop so have no info that would be helpful at all. I think it is from India, but I'm not sure.