Tuesday, July 17, 2007

50...50?!? WTF!!!!

OK, so go to spend some of my gift cards tonight. Take off after work with Antonella. She was in SF today going through Human Resource stuff for her new job. OH YEAH!!! Give it up for Antonella everyone, she starts her new job next Monday. She is excited and I'm soooo friggin' happy for her. A much better situation all around for her. YAY Antonella, YOU GO GIRL!!!

Where was I...oh yes, we head off to spend a few of my gift cards. Totally score and get quite the haul. Checking out, when the underage chick at the register asks if I want to take advantage of the discount. What discount I ask? I'm thinking is there some sort of birthday discount I didn't know about, do I get a discount for using more than one gift card at once, do you just love me so much you want to give me a discount? But no...the senior discount for 50 yrs old and up. The flippin' SENIOR friggin' CITIZEN discount!

W...T...F ??!?!?!?!?!??! bitch.

Must have given the young idiot such the look of death when I replied "I'm NOT 50..." that she pretty much shrunk down into her shoes in fear and couldn't finish up my transaction fast enough. Once again...bitch.

IDIOT! Way to crush a shopping high. But then I came home and surveyed my haul and I felt much, much better... Queen size bed in bag, and some clothing -2 skirts, and 2 shirts. $69.97 - with only $9.97 coming out of my wallet. This girl has got some skills. Booyah.

Well enough random blabbering...I'm beyond exhausted...work was tough today...I'd better drag my tush to bed...work isn't going to get any easier and us old folks really do need our rest.


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  1. HOLY S@#$!
    Chica you Sooooo don't look (I can't even type the number).