Monday, July 09, 2007

And so the moping begins...

...or does it....

OK, so I didn't get much done this weekend. Not for lack of least on Saturday anyway... Didn't intend on spending all day Saturday trying to get Spencer off to Texas, but that's just the way it worked out.

By the time I got back to Rhett on Saturday night, I was spent....managed to move all the crap back into Spencer's room and that's it. Oh, and did put the sofa cover on my little wee couch. Of course, it's waaaay too big, but that will change eventually. It looks really nice...baggy, but nice...the fabric is wonderful and once it's tailored it will look even better.

I bought a bamboo lamp at the Goodwill last week and now that all the crap has been shifted out of the way, I was able to set it up on the table between my vintage pleather chairs. Not working all that well though. I think the table is too high and there's not enough contrast between the colors of the two. Add to that the fact that the lamp itself is rather tall and it looks terrible. BUT...I am considering going back to IKEA and buying the end table that coordinates with our new coffee table - which will totally be going between the two chairs. It's low, square and dark. Maybe that will work. Somehow I don't think it will. Oh well. At least I tried. I think I've passed the point of returning for store credit, so if it doesn't work out with the lower, darker table, it's getting donated back...

Today, I slept in, made a fabulous late breakfast of French Toast, talked online with my Honey, made sure the meatloaf was thawed for my weekly dinner and Next Food Network Star Sunday night with Antonella and her hubby, and then took a nap.

There was organizing, laundry, and a whole bunch of projects that could have been done or at least started, but I just didn't want to do it. Didn't feel like it. Didn't exactly lay around feeling sorry for myself, but then again, didn't exactly go out of my way to do anything.

After all, tomorrow is another day....ya'll.

At this point in time, Rachel should be home snoozing...getting some very well needed and well deserved sleep...can't wait to read all about the walk and see her pictures. There was a story on the local news last night about the walk and they showed a bunch of walkers...but not Team Knitters for that would have been totally cool!

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