Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Donna's got a brand new ride...

Yes, folks, I picked up my new bicycle last night. She's gorgeous. She's a Huffy Rival 26in girl's bike. Light teal with a few splashes of pink and white...and I managed to find a bike helmet in teal to match her.

Here she is safely snuggled in her big bro Scooter. He was very happy to make her aquaintance. That means he gets to rest...and with almost 163,000 miles under his belt, he needs a rest.

Here she is next to her big bro. She was very thankful for the safe ride to her new home.

And yes, my friends, I have named her.....H.R. Huff n Puff, or Ms. Puffy for short.

WTF you say? Well....H. R. stands for Huffy Rival of course. Huff n Puff is what I do when I get within 2 feet of her...

Put her in Scooter's trunk and secure it all for the ride home? Huffing and Puffing the whole time.

Take her out when we got home? Same thing.

Ride her a few times around the parking lot? Yep you guessed it.

Carrying her up 14 steps to my apartment? Hell, yes, I Huffed and I Puffed.

Good God, I'm so out of shape. But Ms. Puffy has promised to help me with that...and I love her for it.

I dug through the boxes and found all my old biking gear. Out came the fancy bike locks, the bright pink padded biking gloves, the super gelled up seat pad (my ass will thank me for that later), the wrap around sunglasses (which look totally dorky now, but were very cool in 1988 - no, I'm NOT going to wear them)...I think that's it. Yes, folks, I was a hard core biker back in the day. I even wore the dreaded Spandex padded bike shorts... Rambling around the lake on muddy trails with my mountain bike...switching out the tires to ride a 150 mile road bike-a-thon, riding around the Texas countryside for an hour after work...every day...

Now I can't even look at a bike without Huffing and Puffing.

That being the case, Ms. Puffy and I are just gonna roll with whatever we got goin' on. We're the laid back hippy version of my old hard core self. Older, wiser, out of shape...but we will have lots of fun and get a great workout in the process. Save gas, reduce emissions, etc etc etc yada yada yada.

And there will be NO SPANDEX involved.

Excuse me while I go practice French braiding my hair...gotta get this mop under control if I wanna get the new lid on...am home today, but if I'm feeling better will take Ms. Puffy on our first ride to BART tomorrow.

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  1. haha NO SPANDEX!!! Doesn't being on a bike make your ass hurt??? do you just get used to it? I never could. I have a broke down ass I guess.