Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to (Nekkid) Me...

Good Morning and welcome to my birth day. Happy Birthday to everyone else who was born on this day. It is such a wonderful day to be born. The sun is always shining and there is no school (for those younger folks who still find themselves in school, who aren't in summer school and don't go to year round school). Since it's summer (on our continent anyways), there's usually always a baseball game being played somewhere (which is a big plus for those baseball fans out there).

Here in the Chaos, today will be celebrated nekkid...until of course I have to go out and about since it is illegal to go out and about without clothes on your body. It's easy to be putzing about Rhett nekkid today since I'm the only one here. The cat could care less. She's off cleaning body parts that require legs up in the air and curious other words, she's too busy to care.

What to do today....I started out thinking knekkid knitting....a sort of Naked Knit-in if you will. Don't know if that'll happen. Why? Well, this is summer, the warm part of the Bay Area, and the sun is shining...very brightly I might add. Forecasted High Temp for today? 87 F. Might get a bit hot to knit...and yes...I know I'm nekkid...

Maybe I'll spend some time with Rhett...he's overdue for some quality time from me and our favorite electric toy....

Anyway...time to get Donna's Day of Nekkidness started up....breakfast time! Let the nekkidness begin!

NOTE: Don't forget, it's not just about knitting whatever you'd like...nekkid. Or do whatever you need to do and think about if you were doing it nekkid. Or do what you need to do and think of others nekkid... And if you find out about this a day or two late? Go nekkid for a day's someone else's birthday somewhere in the world and they're doing nekkid things too!

NOTE #2: Get Nekkid careful out there...and keep it legal.


  1. Happy Birthday Miss D!

    Does doing chores in my PJ's after noon count?

  2. Anonymous9:01 PM PDT

    Dang! Where's the invite to the nekkid party???

  3. Anonymous9:02 PM PDT

    BTW-- Happy Birthday!!