Saturday, July 07, 2007

Quickie catch-up...

Well folks...I'm still alive and kickin'...miss me? hahaha

Still wallowing in Chaos, nothing new there.

Honey is still working out things with work for his next trip over to the States. Hopefully he will be able to spend a few weekends here in CA as he ping-pongs across the U.S. I sure hope so, I REALLY miss him. In the meantime, I'm trying and failing miserably to save up enough for a ticket to the UK. But I keep plugging away and hope work brings him over more. Unfortunately, my position isn't one that I could fly over that way on the company's dime, but I've got a few ideas, so we'll see what I can work out.

Spencer is off in TX as of this afternoon...for a whole week! Gak. I miss him already. I haven't seen him all week but for a few short hours this morning. His Grandma on his Dad's side was in town, so Spencer's Dad had a brunch gathering at his place and invited me over so I could visit with my Son. I helped him pack up his stuff, and then his Dad and I took him to the airport.

When he comes back from TX, it's two weeks of sleep away camp. Double GAK! Leaving for camp on my birthday no less. ACK GACK ACK... Now you know why I'm starting to hate summer.

I've got lots of projects lined up to keep myself busy while he's gone. Especially since work is totally stressing me out. I'm counting on creativity to dissipate the missing of the Spencer and the Honey, and the stressing out from the job. Either that or I'll be moping on the couch for the next 3 weeks feeling sorry for myself. Stay tuned...this could be interesting. Or not.

I'm continuing with the Respecting of my Rhett. Still managing to knock out a few bags of crap here and there. I haven't been at it every night like I wanted, but I'm still making progress and that's the most important thing here. YAY ME!!!!

I got a new phone! YAY! New electronic toy!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!

Now, I'm off to drown my sorrows in a bowl of strawberries that will be absolutely covered in whipped cream...low cal, low sugar whipped cream of course....and then I think I'm going to put all the crap back into Spencer's room. I really liked the "no crap" look Rhett was rockin' when Honey visitied back in June, so I'm putting it all back into the room... The best part? There's a LOT LESS going back in... and I will not close the door. I'm not ignoring it this time, I'm still going to pay attention to it and whittle it down bit by bit over the next 3 weeks. Let's hope I use all this time wisely.

Ciao my lovelies, until next time...

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