Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today's last nekkid entry...

Well folks...another birthday for the history books.

Nekkidness all over blogland (ok, maybe just in my apt) whatever degree whoever participated decided on...just the thought of even one other person even thinking of nekkidness is funny...hee hee

How did I spend my day? Besides mostly nekkid? Didn't do a whole lot of anything, but had a lovely day anyway.

Got up, didn't get dressed, made breakfast, hopped online, caught up on some blogs, surfed around, chatted with my Honey when he came online, talked with my Honey via the phone - surprise!! YAY!!! Didn't say much 'cause I just turn to jello and go dork extreme when I hear his voice...duh...English accent...hello!

Talked to my Mom and Sis via phone while chatting with my Honey online. Oh and then started up texting conversations with Antonella and Spencer too. I was quite the popular birthday girl today! hee hee

Threw some clothes on to go meet Spencer for oh..twenty minutes...ugh...before he took off to his sleep away camp for a week. I'll see him again on Friday...and almost the entire weekend before he goes off to camp again. Sigh. I've seen him a whole 5 1/2 hours so far this month. I miss him SOOOOOO much!

After the whirlwind 20 minutes with my son, I jetted off to Urban Ore to search out a cool birthday gift for myself...alas, no joy today. Going to a few more places this week. I'll find something that just jumps out at me and says...BUY ME! YOU NEED ME! You know you want me...BUY ME!!!! hahaha Maybe I'll go for something practical, maybe I'll go for something unique...either way, it's going to be something for me.

Zoomed back home to 'get comfortable' once again (yes, I mean nekkid). It was HOTT out today! Definitely a good day to run nekkid thru the apartment. OK, to sit around doing nothing in the apartment. Jeez. Oh back home and chatted some more with my Honey. He went to bed (8 hours ahead over the pond there) and I took a nap. Doing nothing sure is exhausting!

Got all gussied up (skirt - hey, that's dressed up for me) and headed over to Antonella and Todd's for dinner. Chinese takeout, strawberries and whip cream, and Food Network. What a wonderful evening. They spoiled me with gift cards, and Antonella loaded me up with some really cool (and cute) supplies for my new home office. Complete with dark chocolate and gum... YAY!

Bottom line...a great day surrounded by friends, and family...if only for a few quick moments, or a few short hours, and if only via phone for most of them. A woman in love spending quality time with the man who loves her in return...thank heavens for phones and computers and the internet. I would have been very lonely without it all today.

A great day indeed....Happy Birthday Me.


  1. I hope when you made your nekkid birthday breakfast that you didn't fry any bacon..... that could end badly.

    Sizzle sizzle - Owie!

  2. hahahahaa nekkid birfday huh? YOU GO GIRL!! New honey?? well, I have been away too long. Glad you are all happy sappy friend :)