Monday, July 09, 2007

Yeah, so what...

So today isn't Wednesday...I'm going to talk about exercising anyways.

So last week I decide I need to get off my tush and get moving again. No more excuses yada yada yada. I get the brilliant idea to walk to the train station. Just over two miles one way. Since I don't have to worry about dropping off or picking up Spencer for the next three weeks, I figure it's the perfect way to get my exercise in as it's getting increasingly more difficult to do it during the day. Not only am I busier at the office, but without anyone there to give me a kick in the ass, I won't go.

So I go online, map out the walk to figure out the mileage and check the weather. Since it is summer, I decide to walk only in the morning when it's cooler and just take the bus home after work. So I pop on over to transit site for my local bus and get fare and schedule information as well. Figured that was a good enough plan.

Figured I'd thought of everything. Then Mother Nature put her two cents in and voila! Highest temps of the season were being forecast for the day. I decided to go for it anyway - it's early, right? And I'm taking the bus home, right? No problem. So, last Thursday, I suited up, packed up the ol' backpack and headed off for the train.

The first 15 minutes were just fine...then it started to warm up...and fast. I slowed down and pulled out my water. Kept myself hydrated and in the shade as much as I could. Made it to the train station in 42 minutes. Got there at 7:30am. And it was already warm going on hot.

The journey home was something else. Got off the train...and it was 100 F. Like walking into a blast furnace... Spent the whole time waiting on the bus sitting in the hot shade on a hot concrete bench mentally kicking myself for going ahead with this whole plan. Everything was hot. There was no cool anything anywhere. Twenty minutes later, the bus comes, A/C blasting. Too bad it wasn't cool in the bus. The whole 10 minute ride home, all I could think about was....Damn! I still have to walk a block home in this heat - and there is NO SHADE. Argh. When my stop came up, I pulled out my bottle of water and steeled myself for the hot block home. Swear the temp went up a few more degrees during that bus ride....

Made it home safely, fully hydrated, and taking many mental notes about how NOT to try and do something stupid like this again.

And apparently Mother Nature is having a blast screwing around with us out here since the next day it dropped about 30 degrees. In San Francisco, it was in the mid-60's. Unfortunately, I picked that day to wear my new denim skirt, and also to forget my jacket. Many parts of my body were cold that day...serves me right to not check the weather forecast before I got dressed...

And now I'm thinking how else I can fit a walk into my day...

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  1. oh man! Last week was so hot!
    We hibernated inside with the A/C those scorching days. We ventured out on one walk in the morning, but didn't get very far before we turned around due to the heat.

    Hopefully you tried again today. It seemed so much cooler today.