Tuesday, August 07, 2007

99% of the Office Crap is now in my apartment

Lovely. For now, 4 boxes sit in Spencer's room. Poor kid, if he only knew how much I abused his room when he's not around...

Lots of chaos happening the last few days, so yesterday afternoon when the network just up and died, I got pissed...and in a fit of frustration just threw everything...and I mean everything into boxes to bring home. Figured it's going to take a while to get this whole access crap worked out - not only are we going to be working remote, but we are also being migrated from the old company's domain to the new company's domain - so I can sort it all out when I get it home and am sitting in front of a blank screen cussing the network gods to kingdom come. Garh. Bungeed one box to my luggage cart, grabbed the 'new' laptop and my tote and headed home.

Got to thinking on the train about the 3 boxes I had left and the 2 days I had left to bring them home and decided to go back to the office last night for a two more boxes. What the hell, why not? I was just going to go home, park my butt on the couch and vegitate...might as well do something constructive. Today, I brought home box #4. Tomorrow, I bring home just a tote bag full of the final last loose ends.

Thursday is our last day in the office. Lots of mixed feelings all mixed up with stress, frustration, and general cranknicity about the way things have been handled. Doesn't matter though, after Thursday morning, I don't have to care about the office any more. The IT guy is coming from the main office on Thursday to disconnect the whole shebang and move all machines to the main office up near Sacramento. Once he pulls the plug, we can't work again until he plugs it back in and gets it up and running. I don't plan on getting anything work related done until about Monday or so. Server moves are always painful, so no point in torturing yourself and making Friday commitments. Told everyone "Talk to me next week".

Was excited when I got home...a small package from Day-Timer was waiting for me when I got home. While going through stuff this weekend, I found the old Day-Timer set that my first employer here in CA had bought for me. A very nice leather folder with my name on it. Figured I'd use it again since I will be needing to keep track of a lot more stuff now. Don't know how many of you are familiar with Day-Timer, but the refills are very expensive. I remember when I first got it (10 yrs ago), they had software that you could use to make all your calendars, yada yada yada and then sold pre-punched paper in the size you needed. Well, went online to find it and wouldn't you know, they don't sell that anymore - discontinued. Disappointment major.

Not one to give up easily, I Googled "free Day-Timer templates". Lo and behold, this popped up...full of templates to fit just about every planner out there. Jackpot! I downloaded about 50 or so templates that looked interesting and have been slowly going through them while waiting for my monthly tabs (only $7.99 from Day-Timer) to arrive. Got rid of a lot that won't work and kept quite a few that will. Greatest part? I only have to print what I need, I don't have to buy a whole freakin crap load of stuff I probably won't use but one small part of...woot!

And a really really good part? They have a template for knitting....

Oohh, and for anyone interested, got this out of the Day-Timer catalog...a website dedicated to Home Offices. Only got as far as the current tips, but like what I'm reading...will definitely be checking in to the Tip Archive this weekend.

Well, it's late, I'm exhausted and have a pounding headache thanks to stress, lack of sleep and the construction dudes at the office. Yes, the work that was halted when the Acquisition happened has started up once again. Oh joy...makes me want to start working from home yesterday instead of Thursday. Just one more full day though...I can do it!

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  1. Ohh! I remember Day-Timers. I used to carry one with me all over the office. I lived by that thing and loved it. I only bought the refill for it twice and then decided it was too $$, plus my calendar had more or less gone online.

    I'll have to check out that site for templates for Eric, as he's trying get into the habit now, and yes he bought the Franklin Covey ones! Free is better!

    Good luck getting on the new network!