Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy 1yr Blogiversary to Donnaz Chaos's been one year since I started here on Blogger. It's been a busy year. Lot's of things have happened, lots of stuff still undone. That's life. I thought about having some sort of celebratory contest, but I'm too lazy (still) to think of something to do and I really don't have the time right now.

La Officina de Chaos is in the process of moving into my Casa De Chaos. Just typing that made me cringe....just what I need around here...more crap.

Well this week is the final push to get the rest of my office crap moved to my apartment. My little cluttered apartment. I have lots of stuff in mind about how I'm going to organize the office bit. I suppose I'll be doing that while trying to get work done the first week or two. First thing, there are lots of papers that need to be scanned and archived onto CD. Never had steady access to the scanner at work, so couldn't ever make progress on that. Now I have my own dedicated all-in-one...I'll be able to make some progress on that. Yay!!

Well Happy 1 Year Blogiversary Donnaz Chaos...let's hope the next year is just as exciting as the first...and oh yeah.... a lot more organizing gets done....hee hee....


  1. Happy Blogiversary Miss Donna. And good luck with all that. you are gonna be BUSY!

  2. one word... OY!

    Say, if you need anything bigger brought home and BART is just not cutting it, I kinda drive by your office everyday.

  3. I believe that the traditional 2nd Blogiversary gift is balls, just so you know what you can look forward to.

    Balls I said! And shafts! ;)