Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Like, Oh m' Ga-awd!

OK, so I'm in a silly mood and that's all I could come up with for a title.

But there is a bit of excitement going on here in the Chaos. Honey is coming for another visit in a few weeks. This time he's staying for TWO. WHOLE. WEEKS. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

I'm very excited, can you tell? He arrives on Sept 15th in the evening, so you'll most likely hear from me that morning or afternoon, and then not until Sept 30th...or maybe later. Depends on how long it takes me to come down off Cloud 9.

WFH is going a bit better now that I have all of my connections working. All except the latest. A co-worker and I headed up Sacramento way today to install all the software I need to do my job on one big honkin' server...ok, so it's not a big, huge machine, but it is powerful with lots of gigs of whatever and whatnot and it's all mine...well, not really mine, but it's totally dedicated to my position and what I do. YAY!! Have just been asking for something like this for 6 years now...now that we've been bought out and various things have been shut down, etc, they have a bunch of extra machines laying about. My boss pushed to get one for me. Yay boss! Once I get everything set up and working on that one, I can transfer everything off my old machines - yes plural - 6, yes six to be precise - and they can do what they want with those oldies...

Enough work.

And now for some knitting content! Yes, knitting. We here in the Chaos still remember how to knit and shall start getting back into the thick of it pretty soon here. Starting with a scarf for the Honey. Seeing that I want to make something special for my Honey, and that he does, after all, live in the UK where it gets cold and rainy and all, I went ahead and bought wool. Yes, she who is sensitive to wool, has bought wool to make a scarf for her Honey. No acrylic for him. Totally nothing against acrylic or blends thereof, since that is mostly what I use, and you can get the softest most prettiest acrylic blends now-a-days...but needed something warm and that would work well with the wet weather and that meant wool. Sigh. Definitely must be love if I'm going to be knitting with wool. I've come up with some ideas to be able to work thru this all, and will of course, be blogging the whole thing as I predict it will get quite amusing...just sayin'...

I do still have some very neglected WIP's hanging about the Chaos: periwinkle cotton shawl, mohair blend shawl (the one I wear a mask to knit), and the Phoenix beaded shawl. If I ever find any of them, I shall post pictures to remind you all and myself of course, what the heck I'm working on...

In the meantime, panic has decended...clean apt, get rid of crap in the apt - Spencer will be staying with us about half the time, so no hiding crap in his room this time - darn it!!!! Oh and don't forget, haircut, hair color, mani, pedi, lose 50 lbs, I've got nothing to wear...you know, the usual womanly panic crap associated with a woman getting ready for her man....gargh...26 days...ARGH!!!!

Even tho I know none of that makes any damn difference at all...when we're together it's just about us, we don't really notice much of anything. But still, I can't help it...the alarms are going off...panic...panic...


  1. ooohhhh so happy for you!!! All the panicing will occupy your mind for now while you wait..then when Honey is here..you can just chill w/ the one you love.


  2. Ah wool...the things you'll do for love...

    That's so cool he's visiting for so long!